*UPDATE: This official all-inclusive event is SOLD OUT. Our larger official events occasionally have a few last-minute cancellations, so if you’d like to get on the WAITLIST for this event we welcome you to apply below.

Baby Bathwater's Texas Hoedown

Four days of unspoiled connection, learning, and good times on a 940-acre nature park and resort

November 7-10, 2022 | Burnet, Texas

Your investment: $10,000 if coming solo | $18,000 if bringing a partner | Limitless ROI no matter what

What Really Makes This Event Different?

  • The curation is real, the community is inviting, and the attention to detail is unmatched​

  • All attendees are pre-vetted via an interview with the founders

  • We look for how you can enhance the experience through both your skills AND personality

  • If you’re accepted, you’ll be among some of the nicest, highly-skilled entrepreneurs you’ve ever met… Yes, kindness counts

  • We spend hours on the phone interviewing every single qualified applicant to make sure that the moment you step into our event, you’re going to dive into the best conversations of your life

Come out of costume, eager to give, and you’ll fit right in.
Down to earth + great listeners = great conversations.

From well-known founder-driven brands, to ecommerce store founders, to highly skilled boutique B2B firm founders, to neuroscientists, to philanthropists, the gang’s all here.

You’ll meet trailblazing thinkers and doers. The most important thing? You’ll be among true givers who are excited to share and learn.

If you’re kind, love to learn from interesting folks, and want to expand your connections and grow your business… then this might be the place for you.

Everyone Here Has Something to Teach and Somethin to Learn

There are zero invisible dividing lines at Baby Bathwater happenings. Everyone here is personally invited. Everyone pays to attend. And everyone shares incredible value.

Hang out, ask questions, and have a drink with your fellow attendees (drinks are on us).

We don’t have paid “guru” speakers. We have generous content providers who are here to learn as much as they are here to teach. Who knows — we just might call on you to be on a panel or share your content after you successfully interview with us.

You’ll leave this event armed with an arsenal of ideas and action steps proven to be effective in the real world.

"A shot of soul with a chaser of strategy."
Peer-to-peer, actionable content.

This is Your Safe, Pitch-free Place to Grow

This event is a No Pitch Zone. No one’s gonna ask you to sign up or buy anything. The person you sit next to at lunch won’t try to recruit you or give you the hard sell.

Along with never being pitched and never being asked to open your wallet… this also means that all your fellow attendees are more comfortable kicking back and getting real here than anywhere else.

Teach & Learn.
Relax & Connect.

Bring Your Best Ideas and... Get Ready for Conversations So Good, You'll Need a Cigarette After

We can’t count the number of businesses that got their start at a Baby Bathwater event, because we don’t have enough fingers.

But we CAN promise you that the experience will clear your head and make space for your next master plan.

Just a sampling of past Baby Bathwater content sessions & conversations:

  • The exact tactics 8- and 9-figure store owners are using to grow their customer bases
  • How to finance your next expansion
  • How to mine customer insight for higher-converting copywriting
  • Instagram ad strategies that no longer work anymore, and what’s replacing them
  • Concrete strategies to grow your personal wealth
  • Boosting customer LTV through better retention
  • How to correctly microdose crystal LSD
  • Your new business you decided to create at the event
  • What firms NOT to hire and why
  • How to build high-level teams (so you can actually enjoy your time)
  • New technology and trends you need to start paying attention to
  • And so, so much more…
For a lot of folks, the content comes secondary to the natural conversations you’ll have.
Get used to having your mind blown. It’s normal here.

Form Spirit-boosting, Soul-opening Connections

Your business can’t reach its full potential if YOU aren’t working on reaching yours… which is why Baby Bathwater focuses on all aspects of growth, both in and outside of your work.

You’ll meet and build lifelong friendships with founders who’ve struggled with the same challenges you’re facing right now. You’ll meet problem-solvers who give you the flash of clarity you need to see things in a different light.

You’ll skip the name-dropping, business-card-swapping, ego-inflating emptiness and go right to the down-and-dirty business of creating the life YOU want to live.

You might even stay up all night with your new friends to watch that blood-orange Texan sun rise…

And you’ll remember why you started your business in the first place.

Skip the superficial and jump right into lifelong friendships.
That feeling when you’re having a conversation with someone who understands…

This Event is Filling Up Fast

A 940-acre nature park & resort all to ourselves, terrific food, peer-to-peer content, great music & good times… but the real kicker is to be in such a setting surrounded by a group of humans unlike any other. Because one rotten apple can spoil the bunch…and we’ll have none of that here.

If you are serious about coming, we recommend applying to get on the waitlist sooner rather than later!

Part community, part family, all Baby.
A group more powerful than the sum of its parts.

Refuel Your Soul (Just Real Talk From Real Folks)

We’ve got your animal pleasures right here.

Savor the best food & drink you’ve ever had at an event. All inclusive, no bar tabs!

Look, most event fare sucks. We know it. You know it. And we’ll never subject you to it.

Dine on locally-sourced cuisine from the chef’s Texan-inspired menu. It’s healthy, delicious, and creative.

There’s always an endless array of delicious eats for all different styles of taste bud, and a wide variety of cocktail, beer, & artisan wines.

Our boundless meal plan will have you covered from sun-up to sun-down, and anytime in between. Not to mention a seemingly endless open bar to ensure you and your new friends will never run dry.

Cheers to making new connections…

Food so good you’ll wanna slap yo’ momma.
Our long-time sponsor & friends at Dry Farm Wines keep the good times flowing with their incredible all-natural artisan wines.

Cut Loose With Live Music Every Night

You can dance if you want to. You can leave your friends behind… Better yet, dance WITH your friends.

Every night features top-notch entertainment to get the party going. Just like the food, we leave nothing to chance.

Feel good music that will fill your soul and loosen those nagging hips!
Put your dancing shoes on and boogie down ’til sunrise.

Your investment: $10,000 if coming solo | $18,000 if bringing a partner

Big Thinkers, Boundary Pushers & Lovable Nutjobs to the Front

If you’re the right fit for this event, you’re smart, kind, humble, ambitious, and open to learning and trying new things.

You don’t need someone to hold your hand and show you around. You make the most of every opportunity. And opportunities like this don’t come around often…

Who Comes to Baby Bathwater, By the Numbers

0 %
Owners of 7-9 Figure B2C Businesses selling physical products, software, and services. Giving a shit about your customers is a must.
0 %
Freelancers Who Provide Business Services providing digital marketing, branding, and growth services. AKA unbeatable marketing and strategy from people who are just as pumped about your brand as you are.
0 %
Influencers & Up-and-Comers who can help you grow your brand, get massive exposure, and connect with the right audience.
0 %
Investors & Mentors in search of new business opportunities and promising minds.

“There’s only one rule that I know of, babies— damn it, you’ve got to be kind."

-Kurt Vonnegut

Yeah, It's a Weird Name

Baby Bathwater is a collective of entrepreneurs, founders, thinkers, pioneers, and good-hearted, open-minded humans.

We’re passionate people with a penchant for straight talk and screwball adventures. We’re here to throttle the nectar out of this life — because otherwise, what’s the point?

It doesn’t matter how much money you make or how many followers you have. What matters is what lights you up from the inside. The reasons you do what you do. The beliefs and curiosities and goals that make you who you are.

More baby, less bathwater. That’s what we’re all about.

No quicker way to our hearts than good food, good drink, and good company.
Beatboxing and business go hand in hand, right?

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming ‘Wow! What a ride!’”

-Hunter S. Thompson

Want ROI Like This? Apply to Get on the Wailist Now

4 of 5 Baby Bathwater attendees report making more than they paid for the ticket within 3 months — directly from the relationships they formed here.

No name tags needed. In fact, they’re banned here.
“You know it’s a good event when more hugs are given than handshakes.”

Your investment: $10,000 if coming solo | $18,000 if bringing a partner

Know Who You Want to Meet Ahead of Time

Baby Bathwater is built on curated connections. Expect our team to introduce you around while you’re here. You’ll never feel like a spectator, because you’re part of the community.

Plus, use the Baby Bathwater app to make connections ahead of time so you can dig even deeper while you’re at the event. Forget flimsy Facebook friendships — you’ll end up exchanging cell numbers.

No egos. Just amigos.
Highly competent go-givers everywhere you turn.

Cancel Your Plans, Book a Babysitter & Get Here

This is the can’t-miss event even for entrepreneurs who hate business events. It’s different, you’ll find out why.

Show up with an open mind and a positive attitude. Watch as your time here turns into something real and immediate and intensely motivating… all over the course of four unforgettable days in the great state of Texas.

Remember, if you’re accepted for this event, you’re here for a reason.

This is your chance. Listen to your gut. Apply to get on the waitlist now.

The line between business and pleasure is pretty blurred around here.
An unmatched group of go-getters, diem carpers, lovable eccentrics, and boundary pushers.

We will be sharing our Baby Bathwater App with all attendees prior to the event. The app will have a full event schedule, and will help you get an idea of how to spend your time with us at our Texas Hoedown.

Things kick off on Monday, November 7th.

Tuesday and Wednesday are full days packed with content, wellness, activities, surprises and good times!

The event wraps up on Thursday, November 11th in the afternoon.

Your registration includes:

  • Participation in the event
  • Shared room
  • Incredible food
  • Alcohol
  • Musical entertainment
  • Stimulating content
  • Access to all activities and wellness offerings

We understand life happens, that’s why we’ve got a refund policy for real life.

If for whatever reason you cannot come, we will refund 80% of your ticket price. Better yet, the remaining 20% will roll over and can be applied to the next available official Baby Bathwater event of your choosing.

Please note, however, that any cancellations made within fourteen (14) days of the registered weekend cannot be refunded.

We will have dining options to accommodate vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free at every meal. We can make arrangements for a variety of other diets as well, just let us know ahead of time.

Temperatures range from around 70ºF during the day and 50ºF in the evenings.

Click here for the weather forecast.

We recommend you bring:

  • sunglasses
  • shorts and t-shirts
  • long sleeve layers
  • jacket
  • bathing suit
  • yoga/workout clothes
  • sunscreen
  • shoes comfortable for walking and/or hiking

Apply to Attend