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Member Since: 2018


Co-Founder, Superior Capital LLC

Aaron & his wife Nan help entrepreneurs and others create financial peace of mind with permanent passive cash flow, with over 15 years experience in real estate investing & development.

They have owned dozens of single family rentals and over the years fix-and-flipped hundreds of houses (which they have since repented of, highly preferring long-term stable cash flow over the transactional, high tax, high risk nature of quick flips). Since 2016 they’ve been selling their rental houses and re-investing primarily into Manufactured Home Communities (MHC’s) for more consistent passive cash flow, and to shift into an even more recession-resistant asset class.

To date they have raised and re-paid over $30 Million on real estate projects with zero losses to any investor partner. In their latest project this year they raised $5 Million with friends and family to invest into their operating partner’s $100 Million MHC fund for 2020.

Beyond real estate they have also been investing in other recurring cash flow businesses lately and are looking forward to focusing a lot more on that in 2020.

They’re grateful to be helping people create secure passive income while also preserving affordable housing and serving families with various community programs. Available affordable housing has been experiencing a crisis in the US even before the Corona virus challenge came about, and they’re glad to be a part of improving the living situation for over 13,000 families and counting.

Aaron is also the author of a #1 bestselling book in the personal development space. They have 4 children and really enjoy life in Salt Lake City Utah.