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I’m a first generation high school and college graduate. I attended law school for a short time before dropping out to become all that I could be in the business world which means I have a working knowledge of legal concepts and contract law but no bar number. Over the course of a 10+ year career spanning across multiple businesses, I have successfully refocused from a legal background to entrepreneurialism (serial entrepreneur). Through consistent work and a keen eye for favorable investments I have been able to position myself in the right circle of disruptors that has led to the formation of my family owned private equity firm.

After years of honing a network of positive personalities — Elevate Investment Group — my private equity firm and strategic advisory firm was born. The primary focus being focused on private companies following an opportunistic approach in high-growth, disruptive product development, special brokerage and undervalued cash generators, across various sectors including agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals and direct consumer goods. I always say “I’m like Match.com for startups and money.”

May of 2020 I successfully acquired Skinny Cheesecakes, Inc., a high protein macro friendly dessert company and is currently in the process of a re-launch incorporating an “All taste, no waste/waist” methodology. Encompassing an ethos driven by food being used as a tool with no lack of flavor and a groundbreaking compostable wrapping that you can plant instead of throw away. It is a product that not just finds balance in the current situation we are in from the standpoint of consumables and disposal and waste and works to be on the other end of that spectrum. The cheesecakes themselves are not lacking in flavor, moreover the nutritional value proposition is in line with the tool that the body needs. We aim to create in a way that is reasonable and feasible and considers the constraints of normal business and consumer products. It won’t be exorbitantly expensive. We are looking for and are an embodiment of the search and the desire and the innovation inherent to the human condition to solve a problem in a way that not only makes sense, but is driven by the force of the free market.