Allen Brouwer

Co-Founder, BestSelf Co.

Allen Brouwer is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder of Best Self, and Scale & Growth Mentor. He helps action-takers make success an inevitability so they can scale their business and live a life that makes them proud. Allen is a skilled marketer with unshakeable self-belief and a passion for productivity. This helped him turn a negative bank balance into an 8-figure global brand in less than three years.

Allen made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2016, and with BestSelf Co. he won Shopify’s Build a Business Competition in 2016 and the Build a BIGGER Business competition in 2017 – the only company to win both awards consecutively.

Allen is a keen outdoorsman and world traveler. He lives in New Jersey with his wife Lauren and dog Riley.