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Member Since: 2022


Co-Founder, Turn5

Andrew can clearly recall his mother printing shipping labels in the living room while his 21-year-old friend and coworker blasted Slayer throughout his parents’ suburban home. The scene comes from the early days of Turn5, which he started in 2004 with his brother, Steve, when he was in his late teens.

Since then, the e-commerce company has hit double-digit growth for 12 straight years, thanks in part to Andrew’s persistent optimism and obsession with data-driven solutions. Armed with analytics, he finds solutions, innovates processes and breaks out of the status quo.

Andrew believes much of Turn5’s success comes from the 400-strong team. To keep them happy, he makes sure to hire the best. The people at Turn5 know that they’re working with the top talent in their fields—designers, web developers, customer service representatives, email marketers.

Andrew did not attend college; it’s part of the reason he champions professional development. He keeps his team motivated and challenged, creating an inspiring culture where everyone wants to do great work