Ann Shippy

Physician, Ann Shippy MD

Ann uses cutting-edge science, innovative testing, research and genetic information to determine and address the root causes of health issues – not simply treat the symptoms of illness. She approaches each patient as a whole person, and they form a therapeutic partnership to achieve the highest standard of health.

She began her career in medicine when the traditional approach and application of allopathic medicine could not solve her own health issues. She was working as an IBM engineer for over a decade when she became so frustrated with her healthcare situation that she decided to leave the field of engineering and attend The University of Texas Medical School.

Ann’s approach to medicine is a unique blend of measured, precise data with a heart-felt and sympathetic attitude towards all of her patients. This method stems from her engineering background and her own failed experience as a patient of traditional medicine. She treat patients suffering from any combination of physical, environmental or genetic issues.

The science and research that directly relates our environment and nutrition to health prompted her to found two health-based foundations. Ann’s hope is to contribute to and inspire a positive movement towards solving some of the more complex health challenges we face today – and to help create a world where everyone has the opportunity for wellness.