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Member Since: 2022


Co-Founder & CEO, Jellybean

As a tech savvy, conscious capitalist, entrepreneur, endlessly curious and rather silly individual, Cortney is constantly seeking out opportunities to create, empower others, fill herself with knowledge and just enjoy life and good company.

While Cortney has spent most of her professional career in Enterprise Tech, she has a passion for edgy tech that is focused on how the world should and will work. Her experience spans the areas of B2B Sales, Sales Strategy (growth stage), Biz Dev, Value Modeling/Business Case Development, and Negotiation as well as Tech Product Management. She has a stealth startup called Jellybean Software, an app geared for conscious consumers that taps into the emerging Web3 market/ecosystem. Recently, she started writing Mockumentaries and is seeking collaborators to help bring them to life. What jives her is relevance and positive impact across every aspect of her life – friends, family, community and work. She seeks out substance and the universe doesn’t disappoint. Want to see her smile? – just mention her kids.