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When I was 8 or 9, the first two-blade razor came out called the Track II — the TV spot featured an animation of the first blade catching a hair and tugging it out before the second blade sliced it off. “The closest shave ever” or something like that was the tag line. I actually wrote a letter to Gillette asking why, if this worked with one extra blade, why not more? Never got a reply from those three, four, now five-blade assholes, but that little kid’s entrepreneurial seed finally found fertile soil, at a place called Baby Bathwater Island in 2019.

Since then, I’ve found membership here as well as two groups of like-minded business partners as well as a whole bunch of new friends.

I think I’m really best at finding the one-and-only in a product or service — the Differentiatable thing that sets a product / brand apart, even from competing “things” that on the surface, look very similar. Then, I’m pretty good at putting that point of difference into positioning language — sometimes it turns out to be copy, sometimes it’s handed off to creative teams who apply their own genius to making it execution ready.

So let’s go make something, set something apart or just have a great chat.