After building a nationally-ranked website consulting agency for 16 years, Erin founded The MindFix Group— a company that rapidly (think ~8 weeks) and permanently (yes, that’s not a typo) gets entrepreneurs and high achievers unstuck and out of their own way so they can achieve what they KNOW they’re capable of.

Entrepreneurs reach out to Erin when they KNOW that yet another book, course, webinar, therapy session, or business coach won’t solve their problem. They feel like there’s some invisible wall keeping them from moving forward, and nothing they’ve tried has helped them move past it. And, they want to move forward…. FAST.

Her clients eliminate patterns that hold them back from being able to achieve what they want to achieve, including: perfectionism, procrastination, difficulty setting boundaries, harsh inner-critic, anxiety related to public speaking fear of judgement or criticism, difficulty asking for help, difficulty saying “no”, deep self-doubt, and money blocks. Even better, after getting out of their own way, most clients experience incredibly powerful side-effects like their first 6-figure days, getting press in national publications, loving their work more than they ever have before, and improved relationships with themselves, family, employees, and friends. The company’s signature program boasts a success rate that exceeds 98%.

Erin is on a mission to show the world that massive transformation and inner change can not only happen fast…. it can be EASY.