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Founder, Delic

Jackee Stang is the President and Founder of Delic Corp, the first-ever big-tent psychedelic corporation, because Jackee liked the irony in that. Delic is re-framing the psychedelic conversation for a mainstream audience. We are brand makers. We create well designed platforms for civil discourse. We don’t all have to agree, but let’s have the conversation.

Jackee founded Delic after Burning Man 2018 and a painful creative dispute with High Times that involved a magazine cover, a bed of weed and a redhead. “I fucking love that brand.”, she says. Before working as the VP of Content at High Times, Jackee was an award winning producer for Bulletproof Radio, and a multi-million dollar grant writer for the Archdiocese of Texas. Yep! She’s a country girl. Fun facts: Jackee was born at a Zoo. Was president of her class – ahem twice. She sings like a songbird. And yes, Jackee does love bacon. Then again who doesn’t.

Jackee owns or co-owns too many cannabis brands to count. One, Quarter Brands, is a high quality but affordable vape pen that you can order on Eaze today for the bargain basement price of $15!