John Zolikoff

President, Cruzee

John is on a mission to get kids and their families out in nature riding bikes and exploring the world on two wheels. He is President of Cruzee North America which currently manufactures and sells premium balance bikes that teach children from 18 months to 5 years old how to ride on two wheels without tricycles or training wheels. Products in the pipeline include kids and adult pedal bikes with industry leading solutions that will deliver the lightest weight, best fitting ergonomics and maintenance free ownership.

Prior to Cruzee John spent nine years in international sales for Harley-Davidson and five years as managing director at KTM motorcycles. These years were spent developing lifestyle sales and distribution through a combination of international dealers, distributors, licensees and marketing partnerships.

A theme throughout John’s career is turning customer dreams into realities and inspiring people of all ages to explore the world on two wheels. He brings a unique perspective on turning passion into profits.