John Zolikoff

Founder & CEO, ZOHKO

John is starting a new chapter in his entrepreneurial journey. After decades of work in the two-wheel world, John is switching gears to Hemp CBD products with the launch of ZOHKO in 2019. ZOHKO is a line of functional CBD products that help action and adventure sport enthusiasts stay active and tackle the next adventure.

Prior to ZOHKO John spent most of his career helping people explore the world and live their dreams on two wheels. From developing products and programs that got children riding on two wheels as early as 18 months to managing Harley-Davidson’s sponsorship of the Sydney 2000 Olympics, John has been helping customers of all ages to turn their dreams into fond memories.

Over 20 years of executive experience with Harley-Davidson, KTM motorcycles and Cruzee bikes has given John a unique perspective on developing lifestyle brands worldwide through the combination of traditional brick and mortar and ecommerce sales channels.