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Flagship Author & Co-Founder, Sterling & Stone

Johnny is Sterling & Stone’s co-founder, former COO, flagship fiction author, and strategic advisor (one of them, anyway). That basically means he writes books (and adapts some to film/TV) for a living and serves a majority advisory role on Sterling & Stone’s board, which they call the “Brain Trust” because “board” is boring.

So far, Johnny has about 100 published books under his belt. Most are fiction but some are nonfiction (including indie author cornerstone Write. Publish. Repeat). His book Fat Vampire is currently inches from executing its film/TV option and will probably be outright sold by the time he sees any of you in person again, on its way to being made. They also have two more almost-for-sure TV/movie deals in the works as a company.

Johnny knows story very well, including its use in brand, business, and as a personal compass. He really likes to help people with story problems and can’t wait to do so for anyone on the Good Times crew who wants it.