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Co-Founder & CMO, Kale Investment Fund | President & CEO, Feeling Pretty Remarkable | Owner, The Urban Athlete

Kevin believes he is one of the luckiest people alive who has been able to live many ‘lives’. Not is the spiritual sense, but in the constant iterations he’s had the honour of pursuing in his professional careers. He started out in health and human performance, having the incredible opportunity to work with some of the worlds top performing individuals, teams and organizations as well as teaching thousands of other health care professionals all over the world. He then developed a taste for entrepreneurism and helped build 6 companies in the health and wellness space ranging from services to products. He then decided to combine his knowledge in functional medicine and business to then help start a private equity fund with two amazing guys that focuses on helping disruptive and differentiated companies accelerate the positive impact they can have in the world. He loves what he gets to do.

And now for the part that makes him truly believe he’s one of the luckiest people alive…. He married an exceptional woman and has two incredible kids who bring him so much joy while also being able to get out in the mountains and ‘feed the beast’ as his wife would call it.