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Member Since: 2020


Director of Marketing & eCommerce, Straight Hemp

Kwame Cyril is the founder, owner, and CEO of Beard Plug, a specialty beard care company. After graduating from Grambling State University with a degree in Marketing, Kwame went on to do graphics, web design and video editing for a financial firm. However, after moving from Dallas to Denver, Kwame realized the need for nourishing men’s skin and beard care products, especially in harsh and dry climates. This inspired him to take his long-time hobby of beard oil creation to the next level. After research and experimentation, Kwame perfected a 100% natural beard oil formula using a unique mix of carrier oils and vitamin E to nourish, groom, and style.

A creative spirit, Kwame helm’s the Straight Hemp team as Director of Marketing and eCommerce, and he’s hit the ground running with their promise to help those in need with CBD. At Straight Hemp, helping people who seek a reprieve from anxiety, pain, sleep disorders and trauma is the foremost objective. They achieve this biochemically with premium hemp based products and by supporting various projects and objectives.