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Founder, Alchempist

Matt has been a serial entrepreneur his entire life & loves creating and building companies. His first successes started at the age of 19 in real estate development where he helped acquire, plan, and develop over 1 million square feet of real estate in the Oklahoma and Texas markets. His passion for sports and an active lifestyle led him next to investing and managing into a few different chain of health clubs in the Colorado and Oklahoma regions. Six years ago Matt’s wife, Courtney, developed some unexpected health problems that dramatically changed their families lives forever. This downturn in health, led the entire family down a path of learning, healing, spiritual growth, and integrating holistic approaches to live a beautiful, healthy, & fulfilling life.

Now Matt is, CO-Founder and CEO of Sunshine Connect, a company who serves and connects conscious companies to premium, all natural, and organic Hemp & CBD Products, Solutions, & Services. Matt also helped co-found, advise, and serves on the boards of several CBD based B2C brands currently servicing the marketplace.

Today, Matt’s mission is to help conscious companies create unique healthy cannabis based products that make a difference in people’s lives. Matt enjoys living a healthy active lifestyle and is into biohacking, outdoor activities, being physically active, and hanging out and going on adventures with his family and friends.