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Member Since: 2019


Founder, AlcHempist

Matt has been in the industry from the start of the CBD boom. He has had experience in every process in making CBD products including farming, extraction, product formulations, and manufacturing. Matt ran a CBD lab in Boulder Colorado where he led a team that created hundreds of CBD products for brands that sell across the globe. Through Matt’s experience in creating products he began to notice that a lot of people were not seeing many results with just CBD products which began a quest to solve this problem. He discovered that CBD alone will not produce the results that people are looking for and that you must utilize the other cannabinoids and compounds found in the hemp plant to get the best results.

Matt learned a few simple daily practices people can implement when taking their Hemp Products that result in exponentially better results for people. Matt teaches these practices in a course called “Alchemize Your Life” that all customers receive with a product purchase. Both of these discoveries inspired him to create the AlcHempist brand, which combines the full power of the Hemp plant with the “Alchemize Your Life” practices to create magic and Alchemy in people’s lives.