Nate Ginsburg

Principal, Abound Ventures

Nate is passionate about providing small businesses with the right connections and capital they need to scale.

After selling his Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) business for just under a million dollars, he now helps other bootstrapped, cashflow positive businesses grow more effectively.

Some people in the startup ecosystem are obsessed with raising Venture Capital without a proven business model in place. They’re spending money to acquire users but aren’t focused on being profitable.

That’s not the game Nate plays. For him, it’s all about people.

Nate uses his deep network to connect companies to the right person that will push them forward. And from his track record, it usually ends in success.

Many business owners Nate works with feel overworked and overwhelmed, lacking clarity on what their next move should be. Or they feel they don’t have the skills necessary to take the next step.

Others are struggling to manage their cashflow, identify priorities and hold themselves accountable, or put the people and processes in place to scale.

Nate helps businesses by:

1. Connecting them to the right people so they can focus on what matters,
2. Providing the financial firepower that enables them to scale,
3. Helping them hire and manage their distributed teams,
4. Delivering more focus, clarity and accountability around their mission,
5. Pushing them to think bigger.