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Founder/Owner, The Legal Dad

I’m an attorney and founder of The Legal Dad, a (soon-to-be) digital platform helping educate parents dealing with the phenomenon known as parental alienation. Through my own experience dealing with parental alienation, and subsequent legal training, I am developing a digital product to educate parents how to represent themselves pro se (for themselves). 

This will drastically cut down on legal costs, and done properly, will consequentially cut down on time spent at court and absent from their children’s lives. One of the most challenging tasks for any family law judge is making custodial determinations, physical and legal. The children’s best interests drive those decisions. Family courts presume that it is in the child’s best interest to have a strong relationship with both parents. However, parental alienation poses a serious obstacle to this goal. Given the high-stakes nature of litigating this issue, an advocate must ensure they are competent and knowledgeable about the law and science of parental alienation. Judges do not depend on their knowledge but by assessing and evaluating the arguments put before them. It’s the advocate who has to understand. It’s the advocate who must marshal the evidence needed to persuade and empower the judge to do the right thing. The Legal Dad will develop parents into knowledgeable advocates who can competently marshal the evidence and argument before a judge as a pro se litigant.