All Things Defi

Courtesy of Cathryn Lavery (BestSelf Co.) and Niraj Shah (Method90)

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Cathryn Lavery has been in the DeFi space since 2015 and in that time she’s had some big wins and made many mistakes… She’s also the creator of Zero to DeFi, a crash course in Decentralized Finance and earning passive income from your Crypto… (Basically everything she wishes she’d known when she was first getting into the space). 

Cathryn sat down with Hollis, Niraj Shah, and Hunter Terpenny to answer member questions about the widening world of Crypto and Defi …

Tune in for: 

  • A general overview of Decentralized Finance 
  • How transparency in Crypto can be protective 
  • Thoughts on the future of BlockChain and Crypto in banking
  • How an entrepreneurial background can give you an edge in the Crypto space 
  • Why you should consider taking payments in Crypto 

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