SEO Strategy & Implementation

Courtesy of Blake Denman (RicketyRoo)

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If you’re looking to understand the in’s and out’s of SEO… you’re not alone. Even Google’s developers don’t fully understand the algorithm they created.

What we do know is Blake Denman’s SEO expertise has been built from the ground up. He’s been in the SEO and paid media space for more than 15 years, starting as a data entry clerk and climbing up the rungs before starting his own SEO agency in 2009. Listen in as Blake and Lovitch discuss all things SEO Strategy & Implementation… 

Tune in For: 

  1. How to hijack a Google Snippet 
  2. What to look out for when hiring an SEO agency 
  3. The first 3 things any SEO pro will tell you to fix 
  4. How to set realistic goals for improving your SEO 
  5. What you’ll need to build a successful SEO team 

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