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Dr. Samantha Lazich is a University Professor of Reading/Literacy.  She teaches graduate and doctoral courses for teachers and school literacy leaders seeking to deepen their expertise. Dr. Lazich works closely with a non-for profit in supporting their mission of bringing academic excellence, innovation, and health and wellness to a network of schools in the city of Chicago. Recently, she has founded Ignite & Educate, LLC, an online platform to empower parents, teachers and school leaders looking to disrupt the outdated education mindset. Today, more than ever, it is imperative that we help children overcome the mind-numbing practices in a school system that most agree is broken.  After spending over a decade in the classroom as a teacher, Dr. Lazich is especially passionate about bringing practical tools to parents and teachers to help ignite a love of learning in children and to bring true long-lasting success.  Her education, passion and experience have helped parents and teachers empower children throughout the country.