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Shannon is a biologic dentist with a small private practice in Buffalo, NY. Biologic dentistry is a philosophy that the health of the mouth is reflective of the sate of health throughout the rest of the body. Many people are searching for this type of dentistry to help them rid their bodies from toxic material such as mercury found in old silver fillings and root canals. A large component of her practice involves treatment of sleep apnea and sleep disordered breathing, as no one can be healthy without restorative sleep and proper oxygenation.

She has been a dentist for 25 years and is in transition to retire within the year. After recently receiving board certification in Naturopathic Medicine, the plan is to dive deeper into alternative therapies including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbology and Ayurvedic Medicine. Shannon travels extensively throughout the world with her partner Padraic and they have 2 standard poodles at home.