Share And Exchange Value With Like-Minded People—In Forbes!

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Who let this hippie into Forbes Magazine??

Our very own Hollis Carter showed up in a Forbes article published this morning, baring his pearly whites and repping Baby Bathwater’s “dynamic mastermind retreats”.

Hollis explains the “choose your own adventure” policy, attendee curation, and safe environment that come standard in all our Powder Mountain events

“At any given time you might be choosing between a speaker who’s talking about sleep and how that affects you, going skiing or going to the spa,” says Carter. “We don’t chase people around with a cowbell telling them what to do. We allow them to make the choice of what’s the best use of their time.”


With 100-plus attendees at each long weekend retreat on Powder Mountain, all participants are interviewed to ensure that each one has an air of humility and wants to learn. “We don’t curate based off of how much money people make, it’s more on personality,” says Carter. “People who understand that we have unique skillsets that can be shared.”


Tell us which Baby element is most important to you when you attend masterminds—autonomy, curation, or environment?

Or, let us know what you think the secret sauce is of a good mastermind, conference, or retreat.

Read the whole article: How Effective Mastermind Alliances Are Run — And Why Successful Entrepreneurs Rely On Them For Growth

Facebook Comments

Ron Lynch

Ron Lynch

Co Founder – Bonfire Enterprises [An Affiliate of Guthy-Renker Ventures]
President and Founder – Big Baby Agency a direct response TV and online agency in Austin, TX
Creative behind 3 person start-up GoPro (you know GoPro)
Has led over 300 product launches and 70 brand launches and amassed direct attributable sales of 4 billion dollars since 2001

Creating Persuasive Videos That Really Sell

Ron is going to do two 90-minute sessions in Croatia that will teach you how to:
• How to define the success of your creative
• The four elements required for a successful product video marketing
• How to create an actual creative brief the entire company’s left and right hemispheres can use
• The psychology of script preparation
• How to Breakdown and deconstruct a successful Direct Response Video
• The psychological framework to build your own sales argument
• Assessing the first segment of your video
• Creating 60 minute spots out of your main video
• How to connect the “Big Idea” to your audience and creative team

Addie Conner

Entrepreneur, Investor, Chief Strategy Officer at Decoded, and has been or currently is customer acquisition strategist for: Twitter (yes Twitter), Nike, Dollar Shave Club, Dannon Yogurt, Visa, Warby Parker, etc…
And Al Gore said she invented the internet.

Creating to Learn (Maximizing Your Advertising Dollars)

• How to buy media at a higher level
• Looking at the data beyond ROI
• Spotting opportunities that few of us see
• What has changed in 2018
• The best healthy restaurants in New York City
• The latest tools every media buyer should master
• Transitioning from a buyer’s mind to a strategist

Roy Morejon

Roy Morejon

President and Co-Founder of Enventys Partners
Roy’s award-winning turn-key crowdfunding firm combines product development, crowdfunding and digital marketing
Frequently featured on CNN, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffington Post, and Fast Company, he has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs raise more than $150 million dollars using crowdfunding

How to Launch a Product and Make $2.1 Million in 30 Days

A 2-Phase Facebook Strategy
Roy is going to take you through a case study of a high-tech hell brand: Antonia Saint New York.
• How to buy media at a higher level
• How he created a 7X return on ad spend
• How they created 1,796 sales directly tracked from Facebook
Using these tools:
• Video Ads
• Instagram
• Audience Network
• Core Targeting
• Custom Audiences
• Lookalike Audiences

Garrett Gunderson

Garrett Gunderson

Chief Wealth Architect at Wealth Factory and author of the NY Times bestseller, Killing Sacred Cows
Frequent Guest contributor on CNBC, Fox News, ABC, Forbes and Entrepreneur

Advanced Wealth Strategies: For Now AND the Future

• 6 and 7 figure tax arbitrage strategies creating 15 years of tax deductions
• How to benefit and navigate the new tax plan
• How to get the government to pay you for buying art
• How to boost your cash flow by at least 20 percent by being charitable and still leave money behind for generations to come (give your money away, spend more money, leave money behind)


Veena Sidhu & Ewa Wysocka

Founders of Tribe47
Veena and Ewa were both Senior Partners at Mindvalley and developed the sales funnels still being used today
Together with Tribe47, they have built an international agency that focuses on sales and marketing funnels that get results for brands without the typical direct response hype

Funnel 3.0 – Online Conversion Funnels for the Future

• The funnels that no longer work (90% of businesses still use them)
• The 4 KPIs of digital sales funnels every founder should know and monitor
• How to merge content with performance marketing to decrease customer acquisition costs
• Case study of how upgrading funnel from “old” to “new” increased sales 300% while cutting customer acquisition costs in half
• What kind of specialist (team) you need to implement and maintain funnel 3.0

Jack Allocca

Jack Charles Allocca

Neuroscience Research Fellow in the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at The University of Melbourne, Australia

Expanding Your Brain Through Better Pharmacology

• A research-based approach (go-figure)
• What psychedelics to use for peak performance
• The best “set and setting” for different compounds
• Proven ways to get yourself out of a bad trip
• Sleep strategies and technology
• Transcending fear for fun and profit

Dave Sinick

Dave Sinick

CEO & Co-Owner of Paleo Hacks
Largest Paleo Site Online
Took a forum with 0 revenues to high 7 figures, 12 employees, and a list of 800,000 in less than 4 years.
Behind the scenes on multiple New York Times Bestsellers

Creating Successful Funnels Using Content Marketing

• Why Content Marketing & How It Relates To Your Funnels
• Building Your Content Marketing Strategic Focus & Traffic Strategy – SEO, Social & Email
• Building Your Content Marketing Team & Operations
• Building The “Marketing Layer” Over Your Content
• How To Audit Your Existing Content
• What This Looks Like In Practice and Q&A

Alex Brown

Alex Brown

Founder: Subscription Hacks
Co-Founder: Dollar Beard Club
Co-Founder: Unconscious Content
The Man Behind The Scenes Who Makes Shit Happen

Residual Influence: Attention, Trust and Loyalty

• Community Based Marketing
• How to split retention into two separate, but equally important components: Residual Influence & Subscriber Retention
• How to reduce churn to increase lifetime value
• Encourage customers to continue to stay on their subscription
• Assist in automatically reactivating members once churned
• Encourage members to adjust their subscription frequency or contents in order to avoid churn and receiving product they didn’t actually have a need for (which is a negative experience)
• Launch new products with ease

Re Perez

Re Perez

Brand Strategist with Fortune 500 top brands and Inc. 500 Companies
Past Clients Include: Abbott Nutrition, Amersham Biosciences, AT&T, GE Money, Lilly, Nalco, Novo Nordisk, Nielsen Company, Ortho Biotech, TD Ameritrade, and Xerox

The Fortune 500 Approach to Building a Profitable Brand

• The truth about brands and branding
• The difference between branding and Marketing
• The branding process simplified
• How to increase the monetary worth of your brand
• How to position your brand for market leadership
• Common mistakes entrepreneurs and marketers make when building a brand
• Simple tips to be a memorable and profitable brand
• How to use your brand for direct response

Noah Laith

Noah Laith

Founder of Riereta Equities
Built Personal Portfolio of Over $30 Million
Actively investing in The Netherlands, UAE, Thailand, South Africa and Spain
Managing Partner of VRE Tycoons ltd
Managing Partner of Rhapsody’s Flavours of Life

Thriving Personally and Financially in Uncertain Times

• How To Find High Yield Low Risk Invest Opportunities Using Pattern Recognition
• Protect and Thrive in the Next Crisis
• What Countries to Invest In
• Save Money on Taxes With an International Strategy
• Protect Your Identity, Your Assets, and Your Privacy
• How to Get a Second, Third and Fourth Password
• How to Invest Without Upfront Capital

Francis Wolff

Founder of Flow Media, International
Publishes Digital Products in the French, German, and Japanese markets
Owner of Therapur-Rx, a 100% natural vape liquid with patent pending technology

Expanding to Europe As an American Company

• How to find the best partners in Europe for expanding your business
• Three strategies to identify hidden assets in your business that can make you an extra five or six figures per year
• Seven deadly sins of licensing and business agreements
• How to launch your digital and physical products in Europe on your own
• Four important techniques to protect your brand and intellectual property internationally
• The subtle (and not so subtle) differences in work and business culture in Europe

Cat Howell

Cat Howell

Founder of Eight Loop Social
Clients include Coca-Cola, FUJIFILM, Pitstop, vodafone and more
Her work has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazine and works with hundreds of FB Marketers on a monthly basis

The Facebook Rapid Fire Testing Framework for 3-4X ROA

• How to crack 3-4x Return on Ad Spend from your FB ads in under two weeks
• How to successfully scale your spends (from $10K/mth to over $300K/mth)
• Learn a framework that uses a series of rapid fire tests to identify and scale top performing audiences, creative and offers in the e-commerce space
• Standard operating procedure for rolling out this method so you can plug in your team or contractors for optimal results

Tom Breeze

Founder and CEO of Viewability
The highest spending performance-based YouTube Advertising company worldwide
Clients include: Digital Marketer, Frank Kern, Dan Kennedy, Neil Patel and many international brands

How to Make YouTube Ads Your Number One Traffic Source

• Should You Even Explore YouTube Ads? How To Know If It’s Even Worth Your Time
• YouTube Is NOT Facebook – How To Migrate Success From Facebook To YouTube
• How To Create YouTube Video Ads Your Customers Will LOVE (not hate!)
• How To Start Slow, Get Results & Then Scale like CRAZY
• What You Ought To Ask When Hiring Agencies or Consultants, or Should You Go In-House?

David Bayer

Founder of David Bayer Transformational Coaching
CEO of ChamberofCommerce.com
Responsible for first motorcycle sold online for Ducati
7th highest grossing E-commerce site in Europe
Named Top 3 must attend personal development events for entrepreneurs by Inc.
Featured in: Business Week, Fox News, Bloomberg Radio, MSNBC, LA Times, etc.

So You’re A Self-Aware Entrepreneur, NOW What?

• The difference between being aware of what’s holding you back and doing something about it
• Freeing yourself from the negative bias of the mind
• Becoming aware of what you’re not aware of
• Being unshakeable in your business and consistently living from your zone of genius
• The fastest way to ACTUALLY change your patterns of thinking
• The neuroscience of belief and how to maximize the tech of your brain
• Achieving higher levels of intelligence, creativity, intuition and inspiration

Trevor Chapman

Trevor Chapman

Digital Strategist
Eight figure exit in less than one year
The World’s Leading Digital Strategist “Global Thought Leader” – MIT Tech Review
“Trevor is THE MOST TALENTED person I have seen in business in the past 25 years.”
– Bob McNulty; sold shopping.com for $220 million
Grew one of the largest access control integrators in California… providing the access control for Amazon.com fulfillment centers, Boeing subcontractor facilities, MAC cosmetics, and many more
Profiled by CNBC, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, Yahoo, Money.com, Inc., Complex Hustle, and more
Owns over a dozen of his own eCommerce sites

Engineering Intentional Success Online FAST

Case Studies
• How Trevor engineered a top five podcast, beating Tim Ferriss, without 200 million downloads; and how you can do this for any project (book launch, product, video, etc)
• How he curated one million followers in 45 days (and what to do with them)
• Zero to 1 million in 90 days with no prior experience, to eight figure sale in 12 months
Query-Based Marketing vs Disruptive
• Creating Perceived value
• Door to door strategy online
• Deep segmentation, observing and responding
Validating a Growth Thesis
• Analyzing what is valued
• Defining what creates velocity
• Creating the equation
• Adjusting the variables to test the equation thesis
• Systematizing the success

Jamie Wheal

Jamie Wheal

Bestselling Author of Stealing Fire
Founder of The Flow Genome Project
Expert on the Neuro-Physiology of Human Performance
Has Coached:
-Google (the founders)
-Red Bull
-The Young Presidents Organization
-The Navy SEALs

Upgrade Your Entrepreneurial OS For Optimal Performance

• Learn how to attain a state of flow
• Optimize your physical and mental performance
• Improve your leadership and team building skills
• Enhance your creativity
• Become more of Yourself
• Experience cutting edge science based peak performance