Todd Tzeng

CEO & President, Falcon Fulfillment

Todd Tzeng is a solution strategist and growth consultant. He’s been a trusted advisor and business growth specialist for small and medium sized businesses all the way up to INC 500 and Fortune 500 companies.

Todd has the unique ability to view problems that are often seen as complex and simplify them to easily come up with reasonable and practical solutions.

He has an incredible breadth and depth of knowledge that is mostly derived from decades of hands on experience while working in different industries and interdisciplinary roles. He has held leadership roles in finance, marketing, sales, operations, and product development. His diversity within industries and disciplines allows Todd to create an innovative approach as well as explore diverse profitable solutions. Todd has a reputation for finding overlooked assets, hidden opportunities, underperforming activities, and underutilized relationships that when optimized, propel a company to the next level. Todd is seen by CEOs and business owners as a strategic and a business optimizer.


Todd’s clients are entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners who want one-on-one coaching and expert advice.

Coaching Specialties Include:

• Business Growth
• Business Optimization
• Company Alignment
• Problem Solving
• Financing
• Building a Business to Sell
• Selling Your Business
• Effective Entrepreneurship
• Digital Marketing