Tyrone Odiowei

Founder, Arcanum Industries

Around two years ago things were very different for Tyrone. He was living on less than $5,000 a year, he felt unfulfilled, and his future looked very uncertain.

Fast forward to now, and he has a multi-million dollar business and has earned over $42,000 in a single day. He has a mastermind group which has some of the best internet marketers as members, and they collectively do hundreds of millions of dollars a year in sales.

He is also a consultant and helps people get started in business, or grow and scale their existing companies. From single mums, to Oscar-winning movie directors, to even a Wall Street investor in the process of building his own bank, Tyrone has coached them all.

The main thing that drives Tyrone is a desire to contribute to the greater good and help people gain more financial freedom, have the ability to work their own hours and live the lifestyle they really want.