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Chas Smith

Chas has been with BBW since day one, and we have watched him go from nothing in 2013 to over $115 million debt free. He has two companies that make the monies: Paleovalley (A Paleo Beef Stick and Supplement Company) and Wild Pastures (A regenerative farmed meat delivery company). These two are vertically integrated, which is one of his strategies. He also has a Boulder Burger Joint that uses the rest of the meat that he can’t sell.


Chas will be teaching us what it takes to scale at each phase up to and beyond 9-Figures.

Your Investment

Retail Ticket Price $12,500


if coming solo


if bringing a partner Limitless ROI no matter what


At this September Mastermind, Chas is going to teach us how to scale at the different stages of company growth.

Content will include:

The three stages of growth: Early Stage, Scale Up Phase, and At Scale. These might differ based on your company, but for ecommerce Early Stage is up to around $5 million in revenue, Scale Up is up to around $40 million, and At Scale is about $40 million to $120 million. So no matter where you are in your journey, Chas’ content will help you move to the next stage.


You need the right team at the right time, and transitioning while maintaining growth is the trick


Different tactics work at different stages. For example, in the early stage you focus on the offer, lifetime value, just a few platforms, testing at low budgets, and easy relationships. While, at the Scale Up phase, you focus on hyper-growth customer acquisition, expanding platforms, more time-intensive partnership and influencer programs, and conversion optimization at scale.


When to outsource and when to bring in-house. And more importantly, how to evaluate. We’ll also break the group up into 4 person pods, where each person works with their peers on their biggest scaling issue. At the end, we hold each attendee accountable for their first steps towards creating more time so they can scale their business. And we have really GOOD TIMES along the way. Five star food and service, amazing hikes, pickleball, and of course the normal Baby Bathwater Hijinx. People leave refreshed, with plans in place, and create some of the deepest connections with other entrepreneurs that you can imagine.


The curation is real, the community is inviting, and the attention to detail is unmatched​.

You’ve heard of our larger Flagship events like Mexico and Croatia… but these Masterminds are an entirely different beast. Consider these the “Concentrated Form.”
You get all the energy, super human curation, and attention to detail concentrated into a small group where you get direct feedback on whatever is holding you back in business and in life.

Dedicated to growing your business, your wealth, and your health.

You will spend 4 days and 3 nights with an intimate, carefully curated group where you will get personalized attention and support from the group to address the challenges you are facing.

Day 1:

We’ll start off with a dinner of fresh, healthy eats followed by a hangout with the group. This will be a time to get to know everyone at a deeper level by learning about their biggest failures… and how they used these failures to grow their businesses and themselves.

Day 2:

In the morning Chas will lead a discussion with the intimate group on how to scale at the different stages of company growth.
In the afternoon, we will break into small, carefully curated groups (pods), where each person has the rest of the group focus on their biggest business challenge. This leads to some pretty profound breakthroughs, and deeper understandings of how to solve one’s problems.nYou will leave with to-dos and some accountability items.
In the evening we sit down for dinner and drinks, followed by GOOD TIMES.

Day 3:

In the morning Chas will lead a discussion with the intimate group on how to scale at the different stages of company growth.
In the afternoon, we will focus on accountability. Everyone will share what they plan on implementing from the experience, and we drill down to specific accountability items.
Then, we will break into pods to go over how to execute these items.
And in the evening, we will have some REAL GOOD TIMES! 


Situated over 3,000 ft above Colorado Springs is “Cloud Camp”, an all-inclusive hideaway atop the Rocky mountains, and one of Colorado’s premier destinations. It’s elegant, it’s rustic, and at an altitude of 9,200 feet, it’s breathtaking! Transportation to the Rocky Mountain retreat is an adventure in itself. Guests take a 35-minute shuttle through the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (yes, a zoo) and up the Cheyenne Mountain Highway to reach Cloud Camp. Your mountain cabin lodging features spectacular views of Pikes Peak, the surrounding forest, Colorado’s Front Range and the plains to the east. You’ll truly feel as if you are sleeping in the clouds. If the clouds had five star dining, cedar hot tubs, and unlimited drinks, that is.

Cloud Camp provides plenty of activities and opportunities for you to connect with fellow attendees – Morning yoga on the deck, guided hikes, mule rides, archery, and the highest Pickleball court in the country! A retreat back to simpler times, so while you will have access to wifi, you can get a healthy dose of digital detox with an unmatched group of peers that you can go deep with, fast. And as usual, we’ve got the entire venue to ourselves! 

“You’re amongst your peers here. The weird thing with being an entrepreneur is it can be incredibly lonely and most learn this the hard way. Here you don’t feel lonely at all, there’s a lot of uncommon commonality and people just really relate well and everyone’s super approachable.”

Co-Founder & CEO, Pela
7-Figure Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Company

“Baby Bathwater is unlike anything that you’ll ever get in any other conference. Actually, it’s not a conference… it’s meeting like-minded people that are doing great things in the world who are all playing on the same level or the level that you aspire to play.”

Co-Founder, Truth Nutra
(8-Figure Nutraceutical Company)

“Our time is finite. As entrepreneurs, we want to spend our time doing things that we feel will give us our biggest return on our investment. And in life in general, you want to spend your time on things that you feel are going to enrich you.

Publisher/CEO, Healing Gourmet


  • A curated group of like-minded individuals with a wide range of experience and skills
  • Shuttle transportation between DEN or COS Airport and the venue
  • Shared lodging in your own luxurious, all-inclusive hideaway atop the mountains
  • High-quality food so good you won’t believe it’s healthy
  • All-you-can-drink booze
  • Access to all activities and wellness offerings
  • Autonomy to do what feels right for you 

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Register Here

Answers to All Your Questions Right Here

The program will be similar to the other Flagship events you’ve experience in Cabo, Croatia, etc.

Things officially kick off on Monday, June 10th at 2PM local New York time. Please note that you will not be allowed to check in to your room before 3PM local time, but we will have drinks and snacks available in the meantime.  

Tuesday and Wednesday are full days packed with content, wellness, activities, surprises and good times.

The event will wrap up at 2PM local New York time on Thursday, June 13th.

You will receive more detailed agenda information when we launch the app.

We recommend flying into either Rochester International Airport (ROC) or Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF) as they are the closest airports to the venue.

Your registration includes:

  • Participation in the event
  • Shared lakefront accommodations  
  • Incredible food
  • Alcohol (No bar tabs!)
  • World renowned musical entertainment
  • Stimulating content
  • Access to all activities and wellness offerings
  • High-speed internet
  • Spacious in-room Waterworks rain showers
  • In-room Nespresso machine
  • Filtered water throughout the property
  • Luxury spa
  • Lakeside barrel saunas
  • Cold therapy
  • Fitness center (Free weights, treadmills, ellipticals, Peloton Bike, and more)
  • Lush private garden
  • Crystal clear lakefront
  • Multiple bars & restaurants
  • Heated lakefront pool
  • Private daybeds
  • Hot tub
  • Boat Cruises (Speed boats, Pontoon Boats, Wakesurf Boats)
  • Watersports (Wake Surfing, Kayak, Paddleboard, Canoe, Water Bike)
  • Lovitch’s Dock of Judgement™

Click HERE to review our event cancellation policy.

“It's the most direct way to get to where I want to go. I leave totally full... the events are worth their weight in gold."

-Angelo Keely

CEO, Kion
8-Figure Nutritional Supplement Company

“Paleovalley has nearly quitupled in revenue since the first BBW I attended. Most of that is directly related to the relationships I made there."

-Chas Smith

Founder, Paleovalley
8-Figure Helath Food Company Dedicated to Nutrient-Dense Paleo Products