2023 Black Friday Round Table

Courtesy of Andy Fosset [GMB], Caleb Ulffers [Haven Athletics], Joe Kensett [SV Marketing], Tony Kasandrinos [Kasandrinos Olive Oil], and Wendi Mathis Held [True Hero Sales]

In October of 2023 Andy, Caleb, Joe, Tony, and Wendi sat down with Baby Bathwater Members to discuss how to approach Black Friday deals and their pros and cons. 

Tune in for: 

  • Why you shouldn’t feel obligated to participate in BF sales 
  • How to leverage your BF traffic 
  • Why you should keep the offer simple and transparent
  • How to create enticing offers without compromising your brand identity
  • What strategies make the most sense for your product/brand
  • Where to start with Post-Black Friday strategy 
  • Alternative strategies for the year’s biggest “Unsubscribe Day” 
  • And more… 


  • Past and Current Strategies for Black Friday (4:30) 
  • Constructing Your Black Friday Offer (24:29) 
  • Black Friday Do’s & Don’ts (43:14) 

Click Here to Download the Transcript of this Training