Why You Can’t Bio Hack Your Way to Resilience

Courtesy of Erik Korem (AIM7)

In January of 2024, Erik Korem delved into the concepts of resilience, stress management, and human performance optimization.

Erik uses the latest scientific research to talk through using stress as the gateway to growth, how our capacity trumps our capability, why attention is the currency of performance, and why he’s serious about investing in authentic connection and community. 

Tune in For:
  • Why Consistent Preparation Will Always Outweigh Biohacking for Resilience (2:48) 
  • Exploring Stress – Definitions,  Biological Role, and Why You Can’t “Manage” Stress (5:02) 
  • Allostasis, Adaptive Capacity, Readiness, and Achieving Stability Through Change (14:41)
  • The Five Pillars of Adaptive Capacity: Sleep, Exercise, Mental Fitness, Nutrition, and Community (20:39) 
  • Mindfulness As a Tool for Your Mental Fitness (22:52)
  • Handling Chronic Stress, Daily Stressors, and Recovering (32:37)
  • How Focusing on Community & Authentic Connection Can Reduce Your Allostatic Load (38:53) 
  • Closing Thoughts & Q&A (43:27)

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