Good Times Code of Conduct

Our members value The Baby Bathwater Institute because we curate a quality community that allows members to experience GOOD TIMES.

And in order to have good times personally and professionally, we need to ensure certain standards of behavior are adhered to…

If not, we end up experiencing BAD TIMES.

That said, we have created some fundamental rules and guidelines that are intended to create more business, wealth, and good times together, while also providing more safety and inclusiveness.

Doing Business With Members

We’re here to celebrate what we do and get better at doing it.  And we don’t necessarily need to do business with each other in any way, shape, or form for that to happen.

It’s about camaraderie, shared knowledge, moral support, and of course, Good Times!

When we talk about a Return on Investment, that’s our definition.

Having said that, people do find kindred spirits here.  It comes as a very natural part of the territory.  Just don’t get swept away.

That service provider might not have the perfect skill set.  That Brand might not be the perfect fit.  So please, do yourself and the group a favor…

Perform the same due diligence you would surrounding any service provider, investment opportunity or fee-for-service engagement.

Just remember, we vet our members based on them being good people with knowledge to share.  That’s it.


Below are a few quick descriptions of the three main sections, along with links that’ll take you to each one.

Guidelines:  These are strong recommendations for how to conduct yourself within the group.  If an issue arises between members, we will be checking to see if a member followed the guidelines. 

Rules:  These are non-negotiable. If a rule has been clearly broken, there will be consequences. 

Enforcement:  What happens when a Rule is broken, or guidelines have been grossly ignored.

Members making money together, creating businesses together, and using each other’s services is one of the highlights of this group.  Some serious wealth creation and business magic has been created, and we want this to continue.

The guidelines below are intended to increase the likelihood of members creating wealth and doing business together, with minimal bathwater.

To be clear, these are guidelines, and not rules. However, if issues arise, we will be referring to these guidelines when it comes to making a decision about resolution.


This could include:  providing services, hiring for services, taking investment, investing, or creating a new company with another member.

Because of our knowledge of each member and our deep expertise in Resentment Inoculation™, we will be able to help you think about how to structure things so everyone remains friends, even if things don’t work out.


Service Provider Checklist:

If you are a “Service Provider” (Meaning you have a company that can provide services to a Baby Bathwater member), here is a checklist we recommend following when considering providing your services to another member: 

Internal Check:

  • Is my company the absolute BEST choice for this service?
  • Have I done this service before for this exact type of company successfully? (This is not a chance to test out something new unless everyone is aware and excited.)
  • Are my TOP people available to perform this service and do I have full capacity to perform at 100%?
  • Does the client have the internal resources necessary for you to perform your services?
  • Am I prepared to provide a refund if I can’t deliver on my service agreement?

Provide a detailed scope of work:

  • Have I provided accurate pricing on all stages and ensured that the client sees on paper exactly what they would pay and at what time with clearly definable goals?
  • Have I clearly explained exactly what services I perform and what I don’t perform?
  • Have I clearly explained what resources the client must provide in terms of their team, timelines, and financial obligations? (be very clear)

While providing your service:

  • Will I be available PERSONALLY if anything is going wrong?
  • Am I prepared to be completely transparent if anything is going wrong with the project in a timely manner?
  • If the contract has an “out” and the client uses it, do I have the resources to promptly honor this?

If you’re a service provider working with a Baby Bathwater Member: Click here for a downloadable checklist of guidelines to follow 

Investment Request Checklist:

If you have a project where you are seeking investment, here is a checklist we recommend following before seeking an investment from another member:

Internal Check:

  • Is the investment opportunity clear and does it make sense?
  • Is the investor qualified to make an informed decision in the vertical where I am seeking investment?
  • Am I offering the best possible terms and conditions to this Baby Bathwater member and/or event attendee?
  • Have I clearly explained the risk of the investment?
  • Does the investor have the resources to lose his or her investment without affecting his or her business or lifestyle

If Investment Occurs:

  • Have I communicated truthfully about the status of the investment?  (This is expected).
  • Am I available for questions about the investment?
  • Has all paperwork, tax information, etc. been done professionally and on time?

If you have a project where you are seeking investment from a Baby Bathwater Member: Click here for a downloadable checklist of guidelines to follow

Client or Investor Checklist:

If you plan on hiring a member or investing in a member’s project, here is a checklist we recommend following before hiring or investing:

  • I have vetted the member’s services or investment as I would any other investment or service.
  • I have looked at multiple service providers and alternative investments for comparison.
  • I have run this through my legal representative as I would any other contract or investment.
  • I will be available PERSONALLY if anything goes wrong.  (Do not use one of your employees as the go-between if things get heated).
  • I feel comfortable enough with this member to communicate directly about any dissatisfaction I may be feeling.
  • I am willing to accept responsibility on my end, if I or my company is what is causing the issue. 

If you plan on hiring a member or investing in a member’s project:
Click here for a downloadable checklist of guidelines to follow

Partnership Checklist:

If you are thinking about creating a business partnership with another member, here is a checklist we recommend following before making such a GIANT decision:

  • Have you both clearly (exactly without any room for confusion) identified each other’s roles and responsibilities?
  • Have you spent over 72 hours of personal time together (not including in groups or at events)?
  • Have you seen this person deal with conflict, and do you know their conflict style?
  • Have you interviewed other people they have been business partners with before?
  • Can you handle your financial obligations to the project with 100% certainty?
  • Can you handle your roles and responsibilities with 100% certainty?
  • Have you verified that your potential partner can handle their financial and role responsibilities for the project?
  • Have you made arrangements already that will allow you to remain friends if the project fails?
  • Have you created a process for how you will make decisions together?
  • Have you asked mutual friends whether you are a fit for a long-term relationship?

If you are thinking about creating a business partnership with another member:
Click here for a downloadable checklist of guidelines to follow


This is recommended behavior at live events, online, and overall when you are with other members.

Please don’t share potentially embarrassing stories about members or attendees.  What you think is funny or harmless might not be considered so funny or harmless by the party involved.

Please don’t post private event information (even including who is there) on social media.  Some folks aren’t into people knowing where they are at any given time.


Everyone has different good times habits, please abstain from judging or pressuring any member or event attendee to do something they are uncomfortable with.

Do not, “come on” to someone at the event or attempt to, “hit on anyone”.  Make sure that any attraction is natural AND mutual.  This is not a place to practice your “pick -up” skills.

Please refrain from sexual innuendo, even if you think you are just being funny.

Baby Bathwater is politically and spiritually agnostic, please don’t use the group as a platform for your political or spiritual views. Expressing yourself is encouraged, but preaching or creating arguments around these subjects is out of bounds.

On this note, no member or event attendee is to be discriminated against based on their private political or spiritual leanings.

Code of Conduct RULES:


Physically, verbally, or written bullying or intimidating any member, staff, or event attendee for any reason will not be tolerated.  

No publicly bad mouthing a Baby Bathwater Member or event attendee. 

No bad mouthing a member to one of their employees or contractors.  

Discrimination of members of any race, sexual orientation, or gender will not be tolerated.  This includes jokes and actions where the defense is “I was just being funny?” – This defense will not be considered legitimate.


These behaviors violate the No Soliciting Rule:

  • Reaching out individually to members or event attendees to ask them:  if they need your service, for investment, will promote your wares, or to come to your paid or lead generation event. 
  • Interacting with attendees at an event and asking them:  for investment, if they need your service, will promote your wares, or to come to your paid or lead generation event.
  • Putting time or personal pressure on a member or event attendee to close on your proposal, investment, or promotion. 
  • Grossly misrepresenting your service or investment opportunity.

These behaviors outlined below do NOT violate the No Soliciting Rule:

  • Receiving approval from BBW to post in the group about your service, investment opportunity, promotion, or event.
  • Giving BBW the information so we can share these opportunities.
  • Responding to members and /or event attendees questions about your services, investment opportunity, promotion, or paid event. 


Consider all information learned in Baby Bathwater about another member or an attendee PRIVATE, unless otherwise expressed.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Financial information: personal and business
  • Business plans and strategy
  • Status of a member’s business
  • A planned exit or investment
  • Interpersonal information 
  • Personal habits
  • Age, job status, etc.

In addition…

No poaching of any member or event attendee’s employees.

No taking photos and videos of members or attendees at BBW events or functions without CLEARLY expressed consent. 


If you believe a member has violated these guidelines or broken any rules, please email us at: [email protected]If you feel this is too sensitive, you can contact Michael, Hollis, or Cynthia directly.  Please do NOT start rumors in the group before contacting us.  We promise to be discreet. 

We will contact you directly and go over the nature of the complaint and get all the details and context. 

Depending on whether we have your permission or not, we will contact the member in question to get their side of the story.  If it is too sensitive, we will honor your request to keep your issue anonymous, however, it will be difficult to take action if we can’t get the other side of the story. 

After we review, we will take the appropriate action, see below. 

When situations arise as a result of a member failing to observe BBW’s guidelines, the goal is first an amicable resolution and not punishment.  However, if a member grossly violates the guidelines or is unwilling to address the situation amicably, we would begin to look at the situation as if a rule had been violated. 

Possible Resolutions:

  1. Warning / Reminder of Code of Conduct
  2. Mediation Call
  3. Personalized Remedy (Ex. Returning Funds)
  4. Situation is dealt with as if a Rule had been violated

The Rules set out in the Code of Conduct are non-negotiable and (if clearly broken) will lead to enforcement:

Step 1: BBW notifies the offending party of the allegation that a RULE has been violated and requests a statement

Step 2: BBW contacts the BBW Board of Advisors to form a 3 person Ethics Committee

Step 3: The Ethics Committee reviews the initial information provided

Step 4: The Ethics Committee conducts interviews with each party involved in the alleged violation

Step 5: The Ethics Committee assesses the situation and submits their conclusion and recommended resolution to BBW

  • If the Ethics Committee comes to a unanimous conclusion, BBW will accept their determination
  • If the Ethics Committee is unable to come to a unanimous conclusion, BBW will internally review the situation and come to a decision

Step 6:
BBW notifies involved parties of the outcome.  *If the resolution is that a member will be removed from the group, the group at large will be notified of their expulsion.

Possible Resolutions:

  1. Personalized Remedy (ex. Returning Funds)
  2. Suspension from Internal BBW Deal Making
  3. Kicked Out of the Group


If you are in this group we trust you as a capable, rational adult.  Know that nothing in this world is black and white, risks are ever-present, and there is always going to be baby and bathwater… Please perform your due diligence with any service providers, investments, or opportunities within The Baby Bathwater Institute, and take responsibility for your actions and decisions. 

We’re here to support you.  If you ever have any questions or need additional clarification on anything you can always reach out to [email protected] and our team will be happy to help. 

Now go forth, take risks, enjoy life, and prosper!