Culture & Leadership 101

Courtesy of Zion Kim [1MT], Danny Feldman [FRSH] Gretchen Leslie [The Wolf & Co], and Joe Mechlinski [Shift the Work]

In August of 2023, Zion Kim, Gretchen Leslie, Danny Feldman, and Joe Mechlinski kicked off our Systems & Hiring Series with a discussion on Culture & Leadership.

Tune in For:
  • What to Expect From the Rest of the Series (00:39)
  • Why & When to Take Culture Seriously (11:35) 
  • How to Roll Out Culture Initiatives in Your World (17:20) 
  • Identifying Dissonance Between Your Values & Culture (22:05)
  • A Framework for Taking Values and Extracting Behaviors (26:15)
  • How to Identify Culture Killers (30:05)
  • Thoughts on Accountability & Leadership (32:45) 
  • Integrating Culture with Rhythms and Rituals (41:40)
  • Approaching Recognition & Consequences (43:13) 
  • Quick Wins – Integrating Your Values into Culture (48:15) 
  • Why We Lose Good People & How to Keep Them Longer (52:45)

Click Here to Download Resources from This Training

  • The Wolf & Company 1:1 Check In Playbook & Forms
  • Get It, Want It, Capacity PDF
  • Hey Taco Team Recognition
  • 15five Performance Management Software
A Bit About The Speakers:
  • Zion Kim 
    • Zion is the founder of 1MT, a digital venture studio, and Atlas Assistants, which specializes in matching executives with their ideal assistants. He currently has a portfolio of 6 companies that are all being run without him. After transforming marketing departments for industry-leading service companies and multinationals including mortgage, lawn care, specialty insurance, and tech giants like Dell, Zion created the playbook on what it takes to avoid burnout and succeed as an entrepreneur. Today, Zion and his team at 1MT help entrepreneurs to feel fulfilled by their work in the world.
  • Gretchen Leslie 
    • As the founder of The Wolf & Company, Gretchen Leslie serves as a fractional CEO or COO for a variety of companies including Ramit Sethi’s educational company “I Will Teach You to Be Rich”, Bryce Adams of OnlyFans fame, and works with several BBW members. In her work with I Will Teach You to Be Rich, Gretchen grew the company to 8 figures in revenue with only 8 employees and has now served over one million students.  Plus she helped orchestrate their Netflix special and top 10 podcast. Gretchen recently taught the “Making Your Org Work” session at the BBW Cloud Camp and is currently leading multiple companies in finding new ways to work.
  • Danny Feldman 
    • Danny has recruited, hired and trained over 55,000 team members in his career. He has launched 3 different companies and scaled from 0-100m. His retention rate for employees is 94% over a lifetime. His companies have made Inc500 best places to work multiple times with an average NPS in the top 10% of companies in the country. 
  • Joe Mechlinksi 
    • Joe is the Founder and CEO of SHIFT, a New York Times bestselling author, and a TEDx speaker, who wants to change the way we work to transform the way we live. At SHIFT, a tech-enabled management consulting firm nationally recognized as a ‘Best Workplace,’ Joe helps leaders build healthy and high-performing organizations by disrupting outdated norms, building engaged teams, and using technology to unlock human potential. Passionate about equity in the workplace, Joe is a partner at Conscious Venture Partners: a group that invests in minority and female-founded businesses.