How Can You Attend a
Baby Bathwater Event?

Before applying, please check out our Events page.


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The Baby Bathwater Events are highly curated, but not in the “usual” way.

So it may be easier to explain how we DON’T curate:

We don’t care…

How much money you make

If you are considered “a big deal”

Who you know

Now here is what we do care about:

You’re a nice person—we’re from small towns and we’re pretty good at reading people

You’re a “giver,” not a “taker”

You have useful business skills… You know what you’re doing

You LOVE who you’re selling to… We call it the “Give a Shit” factor

You aren’t scamming people or doing anything unethical

You’re fun, easy to talk to and self-reliant

The Process:

After you apply, we will contact you in order to set up a brief phone call. 

On this call, we will get to know you and ensure there is a fit for both of us. If there is, we will hope to see you at the next event!



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join membership?

You might have heard that we have a membership program. There is no need to concern yourself with this now because we only invite people into our membership program who we know well.

This means we have to have met you at one of our events, at the very least. Sometimes it takes a couple of times before we feel comfortable inviting someone into membership because it has to be a complete fit.

What if I don’t get a reply?

We get busy, so maybe we missed it. Or maybe your answers weren’t especially complete. Or it could have hit the spam filter. Or there might have been solar flares that day.

Please apply again!

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Now that is an excellent question. We sometimes discuss this when we’re avoiding work. Where we are at now with that question is that the universe—or whatever you call it—appears to be random. However, with the laws of probability, if a person is good consistently then the likelihood of bad things happening to them are generally lower than if they do bad things.

We are open to better thoughts.