How Can You Become Part of the Baby Bathwater Community?

The Baby Bathwater Institute is a Tight Knit Community of over 175 Carefully Curated Entrepreneurs Creating Good Stuff, While Having Good Times

Are you a fit?

We don't give a damn:

  • How much money you make
  • If you are considered "a big deal"
  • Who you know

Now here is what we DO care about:

  • You’re a nice person—we’re from small towns and we’re pretty good at reading people
  • You’re a “giver,” not a “taker”
  • You have useful business skills… You know what you’re doing
  • You LOVE who you’re selling to… We call it the “Give a Shit” factor
  • You aren’t scamming people or doing anything unethical
  • You’re fun, easy to talk to and self-reliant

How to Become Part of the Community (The Process)


We review every application carefully, one-by-one, and we will reach out to you if we feel this is a good fit

Interview Call

The next step is to get you on a call with Hollis or Michael (the folks who started this thing) so we can figure out whether it would be a mutual fit for you to attend one of our events.

Attend an Event

Only after meeting you over a period of these 4 or 5 days can current members make a sane decision on whether you are a good fit for the group. Just know that at our events, you will never be pitched and we will never ask you to open your wallet. Period.

Discuss Membership

If after attending an event, you feel like you have “Finally Found Your People”, and we and our members believe that you are also “Our Kind of People”... Then we will discuss whether membership is a mutual fit


Frequently Asked Questions

$10,000 is the investment to attend a Baby Bathwater event. Payment plans are available, and we are super flexible (within reason).
We get busy, so maybe we missed it. Or maybe your answers weren’t especially complete. Or it could have hit the spam filter. Or there might have been solar flares that day.

Please apply again!

If after our two-way interview call we decide this is a mutually good fit, then we send you a private invite link to an event where we have space available.

Then you either sign up, or you don’t.

We get it, you’re here to throttle the nectar out of this life — because otherwise, what’s the point? We’re passionate people with a penchant for straight talk — so we’ll give it to you straight.

There are no ROI guarantees.

The Baby Bathwater community is better earned and experienced, rather than explained and sold…But here is what we can tell you…

4 of 5 Baby Bathwater attendees report making more than they paid for the ticket within 3 months — directly from the relationships they formed here.

After doing this for over seven odd years and countless events, we’ve learned that if you show up with an open mind, have a positive attitude, and give more than you get amongst this group of humans, then good things will happen.

And if you are looking for an ROI by selling services to people at the event, you will be out of luck as there is no pitching or soliciting allowed. Most folks find this refreshing.

Some people own brands and are dedicated to one. Some own multiple ventures. Some invest heavily in ethical fun opportunities. Some are B2B (but again, no soliciting).

The vertical is not relevant as long as it is an ethical business that you care about.

We DON’T care about your status, # of followers, or bank account(s)…but we DO care about who you are as a person, that you have the skills to help out folks in our community, and that you “give a shit” about your craft, your customers, and how you live.

We’re drawn to the doers of the world who have created and are running successful companies, innovative brand founders who care about their craft, plus the agency founders and freelancers who can help them grow.

Each event has about half members and half people who were approved in the application process… so pretty much full access.

There are zero invisible dividing lines at Baby Bathwater happenings. Everyone here is personally invited. Everyone pays to attend. And everyone shares incredible value.

So you will have access to all the members who happen to be at the event you attend. They will NOT have badges or anything like that, but you will know.

It depends on the event, but typically around 200 is our sweet spot, and it actually feels a lot smaller. We like to keep Dunbar’s Number in mind… Plus, we provide all event attendees with a few recommendations of people we think you should meet so we can tee up thoughtful relationships for you at the event.

Yes you can bring a business partner. We would just need to arrange a pre-event interview call to learn more about the person beforehand and how the group can be a resource, etc.

If you want to bring a significant other that is not involved in your business, this may be an option. We will work this out on a case-by-case basis depending on the event. Just let us know during our interview call or shoot us a message and we can have a conversation about it.

Just be authentically you, let your hair down and be real with where you’re at. If you are a “big deal”, please come out of costume. We expect people to be friendly to everyone, whether that person can help your business or not.

People are expected to give generously without expecting anything in return. Just be a nice human.

And of course, this is not the place to sell anything, pass out business cards, or ask for investment in your current project. The goal is to establish long term relationships, so focus on getting to know people and finding out how you can help them.

Stay in the loop! When you apply to Baby Bathwater you will automatically get added to our newsletter (don’t worry, we’re not organized enough to spam you). This way you will stay up to date on any upcoming Baby Bathwater events and opportunities, and you can let us know when the time is right to take this to the next step.

This group shares their strategies & tactics with each other but is not a “leads” group.

So there is no exclusivity in terms of industry, etc.. We have tons of competitors in the group and they all help each other grow, and hang out. The attitude here is that a rising tide lifts all ships.

You might have heard that we have a membership program. There is no need to concern yourself with this now because we only invite people into our membership program who we know well.

This means we have to have met you at one of our events, at the very least. Sometimes it takes a couple of times before we feel comfortable inviting someone into membership because it has to be a complete fit.
Now that is an excellent question. We sometimes discuss this when we’re avoiding work. Where we are at now with that question is that the universe—or whatever you call it—appears to be random. However, with the laws of probability, if a person is good consistently then the likelihood of bad things happening to them are generally lower than if they do bad things.

We are open to better thoughts.