Hilton Head Now Open to Approved Non-Members. Apply Now
Hilton Head Now Open to Approved Non-Members. Apply Now

"Yeah, the name is odd, but don't let that fool you." - forbes

Entrepreneurial Reality

Mixing business with pleasure since birth…

Entrepreneurial Reality

"Yeah, the name is odd, but don't let that fool you." - forbes

The Baby Bathwater Experience


Folks always ask what it is…

A mastermind? A conference? A party? A membership?

The answer is that it is a little bit of all of them.

Our membership community makes up the core of our world, and is set up as an entrepreneurial support system where you receive tangible business value and your relationships deepen.  

“It rocks my soul, boosts my spirit and teaches me high ROI business processes and methods”
David Gottfried
David Gottfried
Founder, U.S. and World Green Building Councils
“The perfect mix of top experts, a down to earth community of thinkers and doers”
Esther Perel
Esther Perel
New York Times Bestselling Author, Mating in Captivity
“This will serve as a model for how conscious business is conducted in the future”
Pedram Shojai
Pedram Shojai
New York Times Bestselling Author, The Urban Monk


At all of our events you are completely free to do as you choose

Joe Content-min
Participate in a workshop with one of our faculty

Have your choice of multiple content sessions – expect intimate discussions and intelligent Q&A sessions

Enjoy the great outdoors

Breathe a little fresh air into your day by sharing a meal outdoors, always with incredible views

Join your new friends for a drink

Share a bottle (or two) of organic, farm-fresh wine.

Never Get Pitched!

All Baby Bathwater events are “No Pitch Zones.” This means no pitching from us, our faculty, or our members so we can all be fully present and exchange real value.
“This is where you start to feel at home...where folks know your name”
Karen Hayward
Karen Hayward
Managing Partner & CMO, Chief Outsiders
“The Baby Bathwater experience is where soul meets business”

Todd White
Todd White
Founder, Dry Farm Wines
“This is a community of exceptional people who also happen to be world-changing entrepreneurs”
Katie WellsFounder & CEOWellness Mama
Katie Wells
Founder, Wellness Mama
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What you'll gain from the baby bathwater experience

Friends for life, solutions to business problems, perspective, new skills, and a network of entrepreneurs you can trust and enjoy being around.

Some folks have said we are the cure for the entrepreneurial loneliness plague.

The People


The Experience

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