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Hazen AudelHazen Audel

An experience I would have never imagined. Never would I have imagined a population of such driven, talented and scary-smart individuals all in one place. But to make it truly beyond belief, this population made themselves very available, very open, very supportive. I was almost immediately able to let down my guard. And so I was open to learning. And so I did in all directions. With 5 days (all 24 hours of every day!) of together time with 200 of some of the best and most successful thinkers and doers I only had opportunity to connect with people that wound up being at my side and distance of conversation – in a food line, at the pool, swimming in the ocean, at a classic or talk, and on the dance floor. I was impossible to meet them all.

I met very impressive individuals that were all willing to share. And to my great surprise some soul connections that will be life long.

Yoni KozminskiYoni Kozminski

The most high-value, intelligent, and authentic community of entrepreneurs you will ever find. I’ve spent years attending trade shows and events that were uninspired, transactional, and, simply put, ‘not my people’. After getting over to Cabo and meeting with the 100+ entrepreneurs who were there to share, learn, and, most importantly, have fun, I can honestly say, I have found my people.

Sam CainSam Cain

I felt like this was IT. The energy in the room from the first to last day was incredible. As a business owner I feel as if I’m on an island at times. Every single person I met had this incredible list of accomplishments but at the same time had this very human list of emotions, experiences and challenges that they were going through. Every person that I talked to had me thinking that I could finally relate to another business owner. The entire room was full of them! On top of that I could not believe how well run the event was. Babe Ruth hits home runs, Michael Jordan dunks basketballs, Edgar Allen Poe writes poetry and BBW curates world class events. It was a pleasure to witness and be a part of. Cant wait to do it again!

Wendi HeldWendi Held

It is like nothing I have ever attended or been a part of. An amazing life changing experience. There were over 100 entrepreneurs who gathered in Cabo to share, learn, have fun and engage. The BBW Crew provided the best food, drink, music and venue. I am so thankful for the friends I met and the knowledge I gained. It is truly special.

Chris CookeChris Cooke

The best holiday I’ve ever had. A music festival and business conference where the guests are the main attraction. You won’t make sales, cos no one is allowed to pitch, but if you want advice and friendship from the loveliest most successful people, I can’t recommend it enough.

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