As entrepreneurs we can sometimes feel alone on an island...

...but there's another way

On June 26-30, 2019 this group of 200 Entrepreneurs, Investors, Mentors & Peers gathered on a small island off the coast of Croatia…

The whole private island thing is pretty absurd. Then again, so is the journey of an entrepreneur. Riddled with its peaks and valleys, wins and losses, baby and bathwater.

You’ve got to be a little crazy to enter this world… and as HST says, if you’re going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it.

For an entrepreneur to withstand (and excel within) such a volatile environment of deranged competence, it becomes invaluable to surround ourselves with a community of people that can challenge, support, and understand us. Folks that we like. And that we trust.

…And why not converge with these people on an isolated island anyway? After all, we prefer to keep things a little weird.

So for 200 entrepreneurs, that is what they did. And for a fleeting moment in time, Baby Bathwater Island became that place.

Five days of unspoiled connection, learning, & good times.

We watched sunrises and sunsets. We took rides both on and under the sea. We ate. We drank. We danced. And, most importantly, we forged friendships, exchanged crazy ideas, and created lifelong memories that can never be taken away.

This group isn't for everyone,
but it might be for you...