An Update On The Economy & Financial Markets

With Patrick Brewer

October 20th, 2020

Fresh after accidentally shaving off one of his own eyebrows, Michael “the one-browed wonder” Lovitch jumped on the horn with BBW member Pat Brewer for a straight, no-nonsense update on the economy and financial markets.

Pat’s CEO of SurePath Wealth Management, he knows his shit, and he’s an open book and wants to help our group….In this discussion he gives us his predictions for the evolving state of pandemic-era finances and beyond. And more importantly, he puts his recommendations in the context of entrepreneurship so they’re relevant to you.

Let’s see how this one has aged…Catch the recording for:

  • Why return per unit of risk is evolving, and how to be realistic about your expected rate of return
  • The best way to reduce your taxes when you have excess capital (and why you shouldn’t let tax strategy drive your long term financial future)
  • When the wealth gap comes back to bite society in the ass, and what that means for your future plans as an entrepreneur
  • And a bonus: how to protect yourself when negotiating your role during a merger / acquisition


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