Hilton Head Now Open to Approved Non-Members. Apply Now
Hilton Head Now Open to Approved Non-Members. Apply Now

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Meeting in person is always the best way to see if there is a mutual fit.

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The Baby Bathwater Institute began back in 2014 with one unforgettable party… and not a single business plan in sight. Because it was never our goal to create a real company out of this…

Then, as they do, plans changed. 

When we first started we were just an events company for entrepreneurs.

Then we were an events company with a very small membership community in the background. 

NOW we are a very selective membership community with events…

We’re looking for folks who are growing and scaling REAL businesses. Doers, who actually care about their customers and their business, know their sh*t, and most importantly… are kind, sharing humans.  

This entrepreneurial journey is one hell of a ride and it’s invaluable to surround yourself with people that can understand, support, and guide you through the big wins and devastating losses.

Knowing they have the support of the group year round gives our members the confidence to make difficult decisions in a short period of time. The support needed to make the necessary moves to grow their companies, their wealth, and their self.

The vertical is not relevant as long as it is an ethical business that you care about. 

We DON’T care about your status, # of followers, or bank account(s)…but we DO care about who you are as a person, that you have the skills to help out folks in our community, and that you “give a shit” about your craft, your customers, and how you live. 

We’re drawn to the doers of the world who have created and are running successful companies, innovative brand founders who care about their craft, plus the agency founders and freelancers who can help them grow (but no soliciting).

Getting involved with Baby Bathwater starts with an event…

Only after getting to know each other over four or five days can we decide if we’re a good match for each other and our year-long membership group.  

Just know that at our events, you will never be pitched and we will never ask you to open your wallet. Period.

You can see all of our upcoming events HERE.

You can apply through our website, or if you already know a Baby Bathwater member then a personal intro to [email protected].

The next step is to get on a call so we can actually figure out whether it would be a mutual fit for you to attend one of our events.

(Again, we’re looking for folks who are growing & scaling REAL businesses.  Doers who actually care about their customers, know their shit, and most importantly…are kind, sharing humans)

Click HERE to learn more.

Stay in the loop! Our newsletter is the best way to stay up to date on this group, and any opportunities that might pop up (don’t worry, we’re too busy to spam you).

You can opt-in to “The Tub” Newsletter at the bottom of our website, or by submitting an application. We’ll keep you updated on some of the strategies, highlights, and adventures that are going down amongst this tight-knit group and you can let us know when the time is right to take this to the next step.

Contrary to what the conspiracy theorists say, The Baby Bathwater Institute is not in fact a cult.  In a cult, members believe in the same things, are forced to follow the leader, and sometimes sacrifice animals.

And Baby Bathwater members do NOT sacrifice animals….

We leave that to other business groups.

Furthermore, members believe in wildly different things, and if they were told by the “leaders” what to do… things would get ugly real fast.

All our events are carefully curated.
Find out if it is a mutual fit.

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