How to Create a Cult Movement (Part II)

Applying it to your business

June 9th, 2020

PART ONE covered the philosophy of creating cult movements.

It’s a must-listen if you’re ready for your brand to become a movement with devoted customers willing to evangelize for you.

And this PART TWO focuses on applying this directly to your business.

What You Will Learn:

  • Mapping marketing efforts across the True Believer Model And The StorySelling Process
  • How to identify people with a desire to change…And the message to send them
  • The power of labels and which labels to use to help people see themselves and those like them
  • Understanding the role of alienation and the power of identifying that alienation in your ads, emails, and landers
  • How to help your prospects and buyers develop a new identity
  • Identifying and cultivating leaders and true believers
  • Leveraging cognitive bias through the customer lifecycle to deepen customer relationships and LTV
  • Developing your beliefs and using them to alert people to the call to adventure
  • Identifying the best influence and monetization tactics at every step of the Hero’s Journey
  • How to create and use authority figures to give your message more reasons to believe (influencer and endorser strategy)

More About Dave...

Dave Lakhani has been our good friend for over ten years now. He also has one of the best stories we have ever heard. Dave was raised in a cult from the time he was six until sixteen years of age. After miraculously escaping, he began to study persuasion. That desire to study and learn persuasion has continued to this day.

Dave also worked for the DEA and infiltrated a satanic cult that was also a drug ring! …what?!

Why does this matter? Because Dave now teaches businesses to leverage psychological and biological responses to increase sales, change behavior, and develop deeper relationships.

His consulting clients include:, GE, P&G, and many more. Dave has also been featured on: The Today Show, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, CNN, Worth, Business 2.0, Sales and Marketing Management, Inc., and hundreds more.


In 2006, I (Michael) was recruited to be a marketing partner for the movie, “The Secret”. You know, the movie about the law of attraction that ended with folks like Oprah endorsing it. The one that ended up with James Ray killing a bunch of folks in Sedona, Arizona…

They sent me the DVD, I watched it, then decided I was going to do anything in my power to destroy it and the people behind it…. I failed, but boy did I try.

I saw that Dave (who I didn’t know at the time but had devoured everything he had ever put out) also didn’t like it. So I somehow got through his admin, got on the horn with him and we’ve been buddies ever since.

But the relevant part is that we decided to bring in Blair Warren (another legendary persuasion guy) and run a weekly teleseminar on why The Secret was a dangerous belief system and cult.

I mailed my 400k subscribers, Dave mailed his, and Blair brought his folks in and we deconstructed the belief system, and at our peak would have over 20,000 folks a week on these calls. We agreed to never market to the list, sell anything, etc… just a service and it was not only fun, but I learned more about persuasion during that time period than any time before or after.

So watch the recording, you won’t be disappointed.

Resources Mentioned

Out of Shadows Video (If you’re not in the right wing ”think bubble”, then this will scare the shit out of you. But MORE IMPORTANTLY… this video uses almost all the techniques discussed above and Dave dissects the video for you while explaining how to use these techniques to grow your brand following. You should watch the video in advance if possible to better understand the context of the conversation.

The Harley Davidson Experience Video (The best video Dave’s ever found about how a cult brand forms)

Our cult isn't for everyone,
but it might be for you...