Using Psychographics to Model Your Direct to Consumer Business

How Not to Screw Up Your Direct to Consumer Efforts Before you Begin...

May 21, 2020

Maegan covers why increasing your price could increase your conversions, how getting a therapist will make you a better marketer, and why “brand awareness” is the number one name for wasted capital. Do you want to be profitable on every sale, period? Watch this and let Maegan’s formula make you cash.

Don’t know Maegan?

Maegan has built several self-funded businesses, including her current main gig, oVertone Haircare. oVertone is an exclusively DTC e-commerce business with a 9-figure EV built on $7,000 at a rickety kitchen table by a couple of 24-year-olds with no investors, no network connections, no industry experience, and absolutely no right to be taken seriously.

Outline of this discussion:

  • [1:06] Introduction to Maegan’s Business Philosophy
  • [4:08] Why money is the #1 goal
  • [4:45] DTC Supply & Demand
  • [6:57] Product-Market Fit…Why you will fuck up, and how cash will fix it
  • [13:21] Why understanding your own mind impacts your ability to sell to people
  • [19:42] It’s time to scale…what now?
  • [20:00] How to prioritize ruthlessly
  • [24:15] How to remove friction because people don’t give a fuck about your product
    • [31:47] From the internet to your content
    • [37:54] From your content to your site
    • [43:12] From your site to conversion
  • [49:42] How to use this tool even if you’re not the digital marketing expert in your company
  • [52:24] Lovitch’s psychologist hack
  • [54:10] Better understanding your consumer persona
  • Q&A for the group

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