...and some f*ckups to avoid along the way

May 5th, 2020

Want to stop paying for lead generation, and actually start making money off your leads?

Find out how you can free plus ship (almost) anything, and how to make the upsells and downsells work for you.

This session covers the nitty gritty of crafting your offer, making the numbers work, and delivering a great product.

Jake is the owner and co-founder of The Alternative Daily, UpWellness and He has sold over 3 million physical books in health and DIY.

…He also got his ass handed to him a few times over since he went from 8 million to 40 million, and he can speak to some major headaches you can avoid along the way.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why You Would Do Free Plus Shipping
  • The Numbers / Finances (Margins, CPA Goals, Upsells)
  • What Products You Can Free Plus Ship
  • How Jake Gets His Books Written & Published
  • How to Know If / When You Have a Winner
  • Fulfillment & Shipping
  • Split Testing Like an Animal
  • Upsell Technology
  • The Benefits of Having Multiple Offers/Promos
  • Hiring a Media Buying Team
  • Why Chaos & Process Are Both Needed to Launch and Scale
  • How to Stress Test Your Team to launch
  • Biggest Free Plus Shipping Wins
  • Customer Service Headaches & Why You’ll Never Avoid them
  • Why Upsells (and Downsells) Are the Absolute Key for Success
  • Calculating LTV for Your Funnel
  • How to Create and Use Authority Figures to Give your Message More Reasons to Believe (Influencer and Endorser Strategy)

Resources Mentioned

This group isn’t for everyone,
but it might be for you...