Hiring Badass Marketers at an Executive Level

Sujan’s process is faster, cheaper and brings in better candidates than hiring a recruiter...

May 12, 2020

This virtual content session BLEW Lovitch’s mind and actually made him angry at how many hiring mistakes he’s made over the years. Sujan schools us in how to hack marketing influencers’ LinkedIn connections, what questions to ask to weed out the bullshitters from the real marketers, and why you shouldn’t hire marketers from good brands.

What we cover:

  • The anatomy of a great marketer
  • How and where to find great marketers
  • Interview process and questions to ask
  • Q&A for the group


Sujan is the co founder of Ramp Ventures, makers of Mailshake, Voilanorbert.com, Right Inbox and Pick.co. In his 15 years in digital marketing Sujan has helped companies like Sales Force, TurboTax, Mint, and hundreds of others acquire more customers, build brand awareness, and grow their businesses.

He’s hired 50+ marketers (and interviewed 1000s) in his career and he walks us through the steps of identifying and hiring process a badass marketer at your organization. Sujan’s process has been refined over the last 10 years and is faster, cheaper and brings in better candidates than hiring a recruiter.

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