Learn What Really Motivates Your Child (It’s Not Carrots and Sticks)

Courtesy of Antonia Cherette [All About Parenting] In this workshop from March 2024, Antonia Cherette will teach you about the 3 Basic Psychological Needs and how to exercise the principles of Self-Determination Theory for the well-being and autonomous motivation of your child and yourself… Tune in For:  Click Here to View/Download the Transcript   More […]

Operational Wrangling for Fun & Profit

Courtesy of Gretchen Leslie [The Wolf and Company] In this workshop from February 2024, Gretchen breaks down what it takes to run a smooth project. She covers everything from the importance of setting clear goals and keeping everyone involved to how to spot and tackle risks early. Including the nitty gritty of how to organize […]

How to Get Psychedelic Therapy Without Anyone Going to Jail

Courtesy of Dave Rabin MD, PhD [Apollo Neuro] In this session from April 2024, Dr. Rabin covers how psychedelic medicines work, how psychedelic therapy helps accelerate learning, and strategies for finding safe places to receive care. Tune in For:  1. Stress, Trauma, and the Nervous System (0:08)  2. Understanding the Psychedelic State (16:04) 3. How […]

How Nathan Barry Used Flywheels to Scale ConvertKit to $40 Million in ARR

Courtesy of Nathan Barry [ConvertKit] In this workshop from Cabo 2024, Nathan will show you the Flywheel concept, and how he was able to use the same process that he taught his clients to grow his company to 8 figures and beyond. Tune in For: – How to make flywheels actionable at any level in your […]

Tax & Legal Housekeeping

Courtesy of Tim Power (Wealth Source) & Kevin White In January of 2024, Tim Power and Kevin White joined members for an open discussion on tax & legal housekeeping strategies for 2024 and beyond. They delve into the nuts and bolts of trusts, life insurance, and the best business structures for safeguarding assets. Plus, get […]

Professional Speaking Round Table

Courtesy of Rhonda Britten & Jennifer Hill In December of 2023, Rhonda Britten and Jennifer Hill,  joined members to share insights and experiences on becoming a professional speaker. Topics ranged from starting in speaking, leveraging speaking bureaus, effective communication strategies, and personal anecdotes that underscored the impact and importance of speaking in various professional fields.  […]

Why You Can’t Bio Hack Your Way to Resilience

Courtesy of Erik Korem (AIM7) In January of 2024, Erik Korem delved into the concepts of resilience, stress management, and human performance optimization. Erik uses the latest scientific research to talk through using stress as the gateway to growth, how our capacity trumps our capability, why attention is the currency of performance, and why he’s […]

2023 Black Friday Round Table

Courtesy of Andy Fosset [GMB], Caleb Ulffers [Haven Athletics], Joe Kensett [SV Marketing], Tony Kasandrinos [Kasandrinos Olive Oil], and Wendi Mathis Held [True Hero Sales] In October of 2023 Andy, Caleb, Joe, Tony, and Wendi sat down with Baby Bathwater Members to discuss how to approach Black Friday deals and their pros and cons.  Tune […]

Digital Course Creation

Courtesy of Curt Maly, Blair Kaplan Venables, Briony McKenzie, Kate Byars, and Tracy Matthews In August of 2023, Curt Maly, Blair Kaplan Venables, Briony McKenzie, Kate Byars, and Tracy Matthews joined us for a chat on Digital Course Creation… Tune in For: Click Here to Download Resources from This Training

STRs & Real Estate

Courtesy of Mike Brown [Unbreakable Wealth], JP Newman [Thrive FP], Niraj Shah [nirajs.com], and Sylvie McCracken [T&S Elite Capital | SylvieMcCracken.com] In July of 2023 Mike Brown, JP Newman, Niraj Shah, and Sylvie McCracken sat down with Baby Bathwater Members to discuss strategic and tactical approaches to owning and managing STRs.  Tune in For:  Click […]