STRs & Real Estate

Courtesy of Mike Brown [Unbreakable Wealth], JP Newman [Thrive FP], Niraj Shah [], and Sylvie McCracken [T&S Elite Capital |] In July of 2023 Mike Brown, JP Newman, Niraj Shah, and Sylvie McCracken sat down with Baby Bathwater Members to discuss strategic and tactical approaches to owning and managing STRs.  Tune in For:  Click […]

Financial Projections Google Sheets Template

Courtesy of Mike Brown [The Palmares Companies] Click Here to Access the Template Click Here to View Mike’s Template Tutorial Mike Brown is a big proponent of using excel or google sheets for financial projections. This resource contains a template created by Mike and a short video demonstrating how to use it. For more info […]

Financial Modeling and Long Term Business Planning

Courtesy of Briony McKenzie [Untapped], David French [David French & Associates], Dan Roitman [Growth Harmony] and Mike Brown [The Palmares Companies] Click Here to Access the Video In March of 2023, we got together with Briony McKenzie, Mike Brown, David French and Dan Roitman to discuss strategies and best practices for building out financial models […]

All Things Defi

Courtesy of Cathryn Lavery (BestSelf Co.) and Niraj Shah (Method90) Click Here to Listen to the Discussion  Cathryn Lavery has been in the DeFi space since 2015 and in that time she’s had some big wins and made many mistakes… She’s also the creator of Zero to DeFi, a crash course in Decentralized Finance and […]

Advanced Tax Structuring & Wealth Building

Courtesy of: Matt Chandler (AlcHempist), David French (David French & Associates PLLC), Tim Power (SurePath Wealth Management) Click Here to Access the Video Click Here to Access the PDF Version of the Flow Chart In this resource, we talk through flows and best practices for Tax Structures and Wealth Building as an entrepreneur.

All Things NFTs

Courtesy of Jeremy Hendon (Dragon Rascals) and Niraj Shah (Method90) Click Here to Listen to the Discussion Niraj Shah and Jeremy Hendon are well-versed as NFT collectors/buyers who have become builders, with each launching their own major NFT projects.  Niraj and Jeremy sat down with Hollis to answer member questions on NFTs and speak a […]

ExitDNA — Building for Exit

Courtesy of Mac Lackey (ExitDNA) Click Here to Access the Presentation Optimize to Exit… The best way to ensure you have the OPTION to sell on your terms, your timeline and for maximum value!

SGS Framework for Entrepreneurs

Courtesy of Pat Brewer (SurePath Wealth Management) This is a simple way to think about your money and how it applies to your life.