Hiring Best Practices

Courtesy of Aaron Hinde (LIFEAID), Angelo Keely (Kion), and Tighe Burke (SRCH) Click Here to Access the Video  Tune in as we talk through strategies and best practices in hiring: How to use language cues while screening candidates How making the process somewhat difficult for candidates can get you better results Why you should prioritize […]

Deep Dive Document Template for Hiring

Courtesy of Zal Shemtov (AMLI) Click Here to Access the Template for Head of Finance Click Here to Access the Template for Head of Logistics The purpose of the exercise is to extract everything that’s been living in your head regarding the role and put it into paper. While every step in the hiring process […]

Longplay Team Onboarding Guide

Courtesy of Jess Chan (Longplay) Click Here to Access the Guide This covers: core values, expectations, guide to working remotely, values, productivity tips, and recommended reading.

Basic Hiring Process

Courtesy of Nate Mohr (UMZU) This covers: finding talent, a hiring sequence, and onboarding.