Operational Wrangling for Fun & Profit

Courtesy of Gretchen Leslie [The Wolf and Company] In this workshop from February 2024, Gretchen breaks down what it takes to run a smooth project. She covers everything from the importance of setting clear goals and keeping everyone involved to how to spot and tackle risks early. Including the nitty gritty of how to organize […]

How Nathan Barry Used Flywheels to Scale ConvertKit to $40 Million in ARR

Courtesy of Nathan Barry [ConvertKit] In this workshop from Cabo 2024, Nathan will show you the Flywheel concept, and how he was able to use the same process that he taught his clients to grow his company to 8 figures and beyond. Tune in For: – How to make flywheels actionable at any level in your […]

Culture & Leadership 101

Courtesy of Zion Kim [1MT], Danny Feldman [FRSH] Gretchen Leslie [The Wolf & Co], and Joe Mechlinski [Shift the Work] In August of 2023, Zion Kim, Gretchen Leslie, Danny Feldman, and Joe Mechlinski kicked off our Systems & Hiring Series with a discussion on Culture & Leadership. Tune in For: Click Here to Download Resources […]

The Wolf & Co – Corrective Action Plan

Courtesy of Gretchen Leslie [The Wolf & Co] Click Here to Access the Doc How to deal with employee performance issues – you may not need it but here’s a helpful plan if you do!

The Wolf & Co Check-In Process

Courtesy of Gretchen Leslie [The Wolf & Co] Click Here to Access the Doc Traditional performance reviews suck, especially If you struggle to have productive conversations with employees about performance, goals, comp etc. This tool helps check-ins run much more smoothly…

Unloading Your Plate – The Delegate and Elevate Matrix

Courtesy of Gretchen Leslie [The Wolf & Co] Click Here to Access the Doc An EOS tool that’s a great place to start when you’re overwhelmed. Helps to provide a clear picture of what you can unload from your plate and, usually, it becomes blindingly clear who you need to hire…

UMZU’s $70M Secret Sauce

Courtesy of Christopher Walker (UMZU) and Darren Crawford (UMZU) Click Here to Listen to this Training You’ve probably seen at least one of UMZU’s ad campaigns before, and you may think you know what’s going on but… “Think Again”.  UMZU’s Co-Founders Chris Walker and Darren Crawford along with their Growth & Data Guru, Robert Walker, […]