An Anesthesia Provider’s Guide to Safe Journeys

Courtesy of Eric Rieger (Atrantil) This covers: How certain psychedelic substances work, What diets are safer for timing an experiment, What to look out for, What substances to avoid, and What supplements can aid in post experimental recovery.

Three Tools To Master Your Nervous System & Unblock Flow

Courtesy of Rian Doris (Flow Research Collective) This covers: The neuroscience behind flow triggers and how to strategically use them to consistently unlock peak performance. How to setup your day, week, and life to maximize flow. Why you should think of peak performance as a skill you can train and improve at.

CLEF Brand Guidelines

Courtesy of Eric Kiker (The Digestible Brand) This covers: brand positioning, purpose, customers, key messages, and brand story(ies).

Greatist Style Guide

Courtesy of Seth Spears (Wellness Mama) This covers: brand strategy, logo, brand elements, application, and sub-brands.

25 Reasons Why Worksheet

Courtesy of Joe Mechlinski (Shift the Work) You want to understand how your passions play into your work. 25 Reasons Why is an exercise to help you uncover the top reasons why you do what you do. The first 10 reasons you list will likely be specific to you (the things that bring you joy); […]

Area of Destiny Worksheet

Courtesy of Joe Mechlinski (Shift the Work) You want to feel like you are contributing to something bigger than yourself. Purpose is often cultivated, rather than discovered. If you’re feeling that your work lacks purpose, then it’s time to discover your AOD. Your AOD is the intersection of your passions (what you love to do) […]