Gather your tribe, pack your bags, tell your goldfish you’ll be back; Baby Bathwater’s final flagship of 2024 is here — our BIGGEST event of the year, and one you’d be mad to overlook.

We’ve locked down the crown jewel of Hilton Head Island just for us—its most coveted and newly renovated boutique oceanfront resort, offering 200 guests unparalleled beach access and a vibe that’s all our own.

Get ready for incredible dining that’ll make your taste buds dance, thrilling activities along the scenic Island shores, wellness offerings, soul-filling live musical performances, and an endless array of refreshments all served up with true southern hospitality (unlimited, of course).



Our flagship events are a chance to break out of your shell, supercharge your network, hit that pressure release valve, and return home recharged with some actionable takeaways from 20+ content sessions and countless life-altering convos. There will be ~200 guests at this Hilton Head Flagship, including both Members and newcomers.

You’ll be surrounded by:

  • Like-minded peers who genuinely understand your journey
  • Content & conversations that will cut lightyears off of your business growth
  • Support & energy to carry out your lofty ambitions

But space is extremely limited:

We launched this event exclusively to our Members in April ‘24, and are thrilled to report they have already snatched up over half of the available tickets.

The remaining spots have now been opened to the Non-Members.  Demand is high, with over half of the tickets already spoken for and the remaining spots are going fast.  We STRONGLY suggest you take action to avoid a most severe case of FOMO.


Connect with your peers – real folks on their own version of a similar path.


The reason we attend social gatherings is to hang out with friends and make new connections.  To ease your curiosity, here’s a sneak peek of a few of the confirmed attendees you will meet on Hilton Head Island.  They come from various walks of life, industries, and financial levels of success, but have common threads. Collectively, they have seen it all, and they’re ready to share their knowledge with you.



Founders of 7-9 Figure B2C Businesses selling physical products, software, and services. Giving a shit about your customers is a must.


Founders of 7-9 Figure B2B Businesses providing digital marketing, branding, and growth services. AKA unbeatable marketing and strategy from people who are just as pumped about your brand as you are.


Investors & Mentors in search of new business opportunities and promising minds.


This event is a No Pitch Zone. No one’s gonna ask you to sign up or buy anything. The person you sit next to at lunch won’t try to recruit you or give you the hard sell.

Along with never being pitched and never being asked to open your wallet… this also means that all your other inhabitants are more comfortable kicking back and getting real here than anywhere else.

What Really Makes This Event Different?

The curation is real, the community is inviting, and the attention to detail is unmatched

All attendees are pre-vetted over a 45 minute interview call.

Things we don’t give a damn about:

✖️ How much money you make

✖️ If you are considered “a big deal”

✖️ Who you know

Now here is what we DO care about:

✔️ You’re a nice person—we’re from small towns and we’re pretty good at reading people

✔️ You’re a “giver,” not a “taker”

✔️ You have useful business skills… You know what you’re doing

✔️ You LOVE who you’re selling to… We call it the “Give a Shit” factor

✔️ You aren’t scamming people or doing anything unethical

✔️ You’re fun, easy to talk to, and self-reliant

Featured Faculty: Peer-to-Peer Education

Our education is tailored to you, featuring real founders sharing raw, relevant insights you won’t find on YouTube. We DO NOT use paid speakers, rely on sponsors, or allow any sales kickbacks – just pure, raw, unbiased sessions from the school of hard knocks leaving you armed with an arsenal of ideas and action steps proven to be effective in the real world.

Here’s a peek at just a few of the 18+ content sessions we will have on Hilton Head Island:

Erik Korem


SESSION: Why You Can’t Biohack Your Way to Resilience

Dr. Erik Korem is a High-Performance thought leader that introduced sports science and athlete tracking technologies to collegiate and professional (NFL) football.

He has worked with the National Football League, Power-5 NCAA programs, gold-medal Olympians, Nike, and the United States Department of Defense. Erik is an expert in sleep and stress resilience and holds a doctorate in Exercise Science.

Mac Lackey

Founder of Exit DNA and Owner of Algeciras CF (A Professional Soccer Team in Spain)

SESSION: Building for an Exit While Creating Scale and Personal Freedom

Mac has started, scaled and sold six companies (including multiple eight-figure exits).

And unlike many one-hit wonders who talk about exits, Mac has a proven system for what you need to start doing NOW if you ever plan on exiting.

T​he side benefit is that the things you will do now to help you exit later are the same things that will allow you to actually scale and achieve personal freedom whether you exit or not.

More Sessions to be announced...

We tailor these sessions to the needs of our attendees.



We’ve snagged Hilton Head Island’s most coveted oceanfront resort all to ourselves.  The ultimate boutique retreat, delivering unmatched beach access and an ambiance that’s uniquely ours.

The property features 200+ spacious guest rooms, a newly renovated pool with poolside cabanas, multiple bars & dining areas, and a world-renowned beachfront music venue.

Nestled on the vibrant shores of Coligny Beach, you’ll revel in oceanfront views, rooms and suites designed with relaxation in mind, and front-row seats to breathtaking sunrises & sunsets, allowing you to recharge in coastal comfort.

We’ve got your animal pleasures right here.

Here, culinary delights meet southern coastal charm, featuring beachfront dining, fancy cocktail lounges, and the freshest catch at our doorstep.

Our boundless meal plan will have you covered from sun-up to sun-down, and anytime in between. Not to mention a seemingly endless open bar to ensure you and your new friends will never run dry.

Cheers to making new connections that last a lifetime…

Activities: Choose Your Own Adventure

At our events, we’re all about giving you options galore!  Craving some action? Dive into beach volleyball, paddle out with a board to ride the gentle waves just steps from the venue, or navigate the waters with kayaks at your leisure. For the land lovers, bikes are available to whisk you away on a coastal exploration, with the ocean breeze as your guide.

For those who lean towards zen, start your day with beach yoga and massage.  And when relaxation calls, our poolside cabanas await—recently upgraded with cozy lounge sofas, setting the stage for pure relaxation or intimate gatherings with friends.

Unlike other events, we do not have a strict schedule you must follow.  This is YOUR entrepreneurial adventure, tailored to mix business with pleasure, all on your own terms.

SUP / Kayak





Beach Cruisers



Life is way too short for just learning stuff… so we’re cutting loose with live music across multiple genres every night.  Our venue is home to Hilton Head Island’s ONLY beachfront live music venue, and an iconic epicenter of live tunes for nearly five decades.

But we’re not talking about just any lineup. We’re bringing in the very best—artists who’ve rocked stages from Red Rocks to Madison Square Garden. And the best part? They’re all here exclusively for us, ready to turn beachfront vibes into unforgettable, intimate concerts each night of our event. These aren’t just performances; they’re immersive experiences, with artists who have been curated to join us not only as entertainers, but as true participants throughout the entire experience.


Sign up by May 31st to receive
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Your Investment:


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Early Bird Ticket Price
(through May 31st)

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Answers to All Your Questions Right Here

The Hilton Head Flagship will officially kick off on Monday, October 21st at 2PM local South Carolina time.

Tuesday and Wednesday are full days packed with content, wellness, activities, surprises and good times.

The event will wrap up at 2PM local South Carolina time on Thursday, October 24th.

Guests will receive more detailed agenda information via our event app.

Baby Bathwater will provide transportation between Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport (SAV) and the venue, which is about an hour away from the airport. 

Your registration includes:

  • Participation in the event
  • Shared oceanfront accommodations  
  • Incredible food
  • Alcohol (No bar tabs!)
  • World renowned musical entertainment
  • Stimulating content
  • Access to all activities and wellness offerings
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Spacious Guest Rooms equipped with 43” Flat Screen TV,  Mini Fridge, Small Safe, Iron & Ironing Board, Hair Dryer, and more…
  • Oceanfront views and direct beach access
  • Newly renovated outdoor pool 
  • Poolside cabanas
  • Open-air event space
  • On-site dining options, including a beachfront restaurant 
  • Access to beach activities and water sports

Click HERE to review our event cancellation policy.

When you attend your first Baby Bathwater event it is a first date of sorts… Only after getting to know each other over four or five days can we decide if we’re a good match for each other for the longer term.

Just know that at our events, you will never be pitched and we will never ask you to open your wallet. Period.

After our events we review any new folks that we may want to invite into our core membership community. This includes getting feedback from our members, team, event staff, bartenders, and service staff.

If after the event you feel like you have “finally found your people”, and we believe that you are also “our kind of people”…. then we may invite you to join our year-long membership community.

Any new addition is an integral part of Baby Bathwater Institute’s tradition – Mixing Business With Pleasure like no other group!

You’ll finally have friends who understand you: Let’s be real, being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey. But at Baby Bathwater, you’ll be surrounded by a bunch of other weirdos who get you, and have experience navigating similar issues in business and life.

You’ll get access to brilliant minds: Ever get stuck on a problem for hours, days, or even weeks? With Baby Bathwater, you’ll have access to some of the brightest entrepreneurs and business owners who have already been through it. Just ask a question and they’ll share their wisdom.

You’ll be part of a community that actually cares: No fake smiles or forced conversations here. The Baby Bathwater crew genuinely cares about each other’s success, and they’re not afraid to show it. If you need help with anything, just say the word and they’ll come running.

You’ll have more fun than you ever thought possible: Baby Bathwater isn’t your typical stuffy networking event. With events on an Island, in the mountains, heli-skiing, and river rafting, you’ll have a blast while building valuable relationships. And who knows, you might even meet your future business partner, best friend, or significant other. Anything is possible at The Baby Bathwater Institute.

We understand that being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey, which is why we’ve created a community that emphasizes authentic connections and emotional support. At Baby Bathwater, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your experiences and challenges. Through our events and ongoing membership community, you’ll form friendships and connections that provide the understanding, empathy, and encouragement you need to thrive.

The ideal fit for the Baby Bathwater community is a company founder with a success story built on following their instincts, grit, and creativity. They come from various backgrounds and financial levels of success, and typically have a business ranging from 7 to 9 figures. These individuals didn’t necessarily follow traditional career paths, often facing doubts from others, but have proven their resilience and passion for creating. They value genuine connections and understand that status games don’t lead to happiness. With a thirst for life and a commitment to enjoying the journey, our members embrace the entrepreneurial roller coaster and prioritize support, camaraderie, and good times within the Baby Bathwater community.

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