Sorry, Baby Bathwater Island II is


June 26th-30th, 2019

“Not only do I love the other members, the hosts, the venues and the food, but it rocks my soul, boosts my spirit and teaches me high ROI business processes and methods.”

David GottfriedCEO, the Gottfried Institute
Founder, U.S. and World Green Building Councils®
15 Billion Square Feet of Green Buildings in Over 100 Countries

“The perfect mix of top experts, a down to earth community of thinkers and doers.”

Esther PerelNew York Times Bestselling Author

Why Secure Your Spot Now?

+ Return on Investment
+ Carefully Curated Humans
+ Relevant Entrepreneurial Content
+ An Experience You’ll Never Forget
+ The Only Baby Bathwater Event of 2019 Open to New Applicants


“Epic people, epic learning, epic connections...all in an amazing place with better food than you'll find anywhere.”

Dave AspreyFounder, Bulletproof®

“It is hands down the most valuable time that I’ve spent in my career. I will never miss a Baby Bathwater.”

Jenny ThompsonFounder, SafetyPin Technologies®
Teach. Learn. Relax. Connect.
“You know it’s a good event when more hugs are given than handshakes.”

Return on Investment

4 of 5 attendees report making more than they paid for the ticket within 3 months, directly from the relationships they made at the event

“Paleovalley has nearly quintupled in revenue since the first BBW I attended. Most of that is directly related to the relationships I made there.”

Chas SmithFounder, Paleovalley

“The ROI is infinite. I’ve made lifelong friends. The amount of stuff I’ve learned in the content and from meeting and engaging with people that I’ve brought back to my business and been able to implement very quickly is the financial return...emotionally and spiritually the return is infinite.”

Jeff CayleyFounder, Worldwide Cyclery

Carefully Curated Humans

We are the ONLY group that curates not just on skills and your business, but on who you are as a person.

Everyone you will meet is a doer, has passion for their business, knows their shit, and most importantly… is a kind, sharing human.

We guarantee the best ratio of fantastic conversations to shitty conversations you will ever encounter.

Riding a healthy buzz and getting familiar with each other over happy hour.

Who Comes to Baby Bathwater?


Owners of 7-9 Figure B2C Businesses


Freelancers Who Provide Business Services


Influencers & Up-and-Comers


Investors & Mentors

“It’s the crème de la crème, it’s the top people doing the best things.”

David AllredCo-Founder, Dry Farm Wines®

“Impeccably delivered on their promise to curate a unique group of entrepreneurs and business owners.”

Emily RosenCo-Founder, Institute for the Psychology of Eating®

“Without this event and these people and this group, I definitely would not be where I am today and my business wouldn’t be where it is today.”

Alex BrownCo-Founder, Dollar Beard Club®
Founder, Subscription Hacks®

Relevant Entrepreneurial Content

Class in session learning high level social media strategies.

Yes, it’s a good time, but we take pride in giving you content to grow your company, your wealth, and yourself.

Over 50% of the content will be about online/digital customer acquisition (getting new customers), retention (keeping them), and everything in between.

Other content will be focused on the nuts and bolts of scaling your business, growing your personal wealth, and science based tools for becoming a more effective and potent human.

“I have revelations in every session that I sit in. I find that in just about every session that I go to, I learn things that are applicable to my business.”

Randy HartnellFounder, Vital Choice®

“If you’re serious about your business and you want to connect with people that you can actually jive with and who are actually going to help you to up-level, then Baby Bathwater is definitely the place to be.”

Cat HowellFounder, Eight Loop Social®

An Experience You’ll Never Forget

Dinner time, compliments to the best chef human.

The Best Food of Your Life

There are four restaurants and bars across the island that cater to every taste and dietary requirement. They all feature fresh, organic, local produce that are sure to wow your senses.

Dry Farm Wines keeps the good times flowing with incredible all natural artisan wines.

All-Inclusive Beverages

No matter where you go on the island, you can enjoy an open bar. Hang out on the beach with an ice cold beer, sit in on a content session with a cocktail, or pair your dinner with a glass of wine. Whatever your fancy, never expect a bar tab.

Yep. We have a catamaran.

Exciting Island Activities

The island offers a wide variety of activities. From relaxing by the pool, to paddleboarding in the sea, to practicing yoga seafront, to going on catamaran excursions, to stargazing—you’ll always have something to do against a beautiful backdrop.

Happy hour by the sea complete with live music and new friends. Life is good.

Live Music & Dancing

We have multiple bands that play music we can all dance and have a good time to. We promise you will be singing along to your favorites.

Show up, give more than you get, and good things will happen.

No Pitching or Aggressive Networking

No one is allowed to “pitch” at the event. So you can go to content without worrying about being asked to pull out your credit card. We also hold a strong line on people not doing the “networking” thing. You are safe here.

Baby Bathwater Island in all her glory.

Away From Your Everyday Reality

The island is private and scenic. The views are phenomenal, time slows down, and you will find that you forget about everything else going on in your world. It’s an escape with friends for life.

“Baby Bathwater, unlike other conferences, isn’t cheesy. It’s real. It’s straight up. It is what it is. That’s at a very high level and everybody here operates at a high level and BS is sniffed out from miles away.”

Lauren ImparatoFounder, Retox®

“Everyone here is accomplished, driven, intellectually stimulating, kind, and understands that even though we run businesses… we’re animals.”

Bert JacobsCo-Founder, Life is Good®

The Island is SOLD OUT!

Looking for your next opportunity with this community? Apply here.

“If you're lucky enough to get asked or invited, give them your money before they figure out you probably shouldn't be there.”

Dan MartellFounder, Clarity FM® and 3 Other Successful Exits

“If you’re an entrepreneur and thinking of going to Baby Bathwater, it’s probably one of the best investments you’ll ever make.”

Cameron HeroldCo-Founder & COO, 1-800-GOT-JUNK®
Founder, COO Alliance®

“I’m wary of masterminds where you pay for the privilege of having your ego stroked by a semi-random assortment of wantrepreneurs. And then there’s the Baby Bathwater Institute: scrappy founders, focused content, practical advice, and real relationships—totally worth it.”

John DurantFounder, Wild Ventures®


Toggle Between “Going Solo” and “Bringing Partner” to View the Best Option for You

Price if You’re Going Solo: $10,000

All-Inclusive Price Includes:

  • 1 Ticket
  • Lodging: Single Room in Two Bedroom Bungalow
  • Transportation from Split International Airport
  • Entrepreneurial Content
  • Incredible Food & All-Inclusive Beverages
  • Entertainment
  • Water Sports
  • Transportation back to Split International Airport

Your ticket includes one room in a luxurious semi-private Two-Bedroom Bungalow that includes air conditioning, electricity, USB ports, a common sitting area, one bathroom with shower, two closets/hangers, a safe, a fridge, a hairdryer and a private porch.

Price if You’re Bringing a Partner: $18,000

All-Inclusive Price Includes:

  • 2 Tickets
  • Lodging: Your Own Private Bungalow
  • Transportation from Split International Airport
  • Entrepreneurial Content
  • Incredible Food
  • Unlimited Alcohol
  • Entertainment
  • Water Sports
  • Transportation back to Split International Airport

Your tickets include your own private Bungalow for Two that includes air conditioning, electricity, USB ports, a common sitting area, one bathroom with shower, two closets/hangers, a safe, a fridge, a hairdryer and a private porch.

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“I probably teed up several million dollars worth of revenue opportunities, minimum.”

Habib WicksFounder, PEERtrainer®

“I’ve never met so many smart people in such a small group…the breadth of people here is just phenomenal.”

Curt MalyFounder, Black Box Social Media®

“Incredible people, fantastic information, and amazing food all within gorgeous surroundings. I left this BBW feeling relaxed and inspired. Michael, Hollis, and their team have definitely created something extraordinary.”

Dr. Kellyann PetrucciNYT Bestselling Author

“I’ve never attended an event that comes even close to achieving this unique blend of truly stunning content, value-aligned influencers and raw beauty.”

Gunnar LovelaceFounder, Thrive Market®

“The people in the front of the room have actually done it…that combination of actual deep expertise and offering it to a community of peers, versus some kind of NLP transactional backend—I find it refreshing and that allows me to get more out of it.”

Jamie WhealCo-Founder, Flow Genome Project®
Performance Trainer for Google, Nike, and Red Bull
Bestselling Author, “Stealing Fire”

“Nearly every conversation opened with ‘how can I help you?’ What I found was a community of depth, character, and contribution.”

Marcy SwensonCo-Founder and VP of Engineering, Critical Path, Inc.®

“Baby Bathwater is unlike anything that you’ll ever get in any other conference. Actually, it’s not a conference…it’s meeting like-minded people that are doing great things in the world, who are all playing on the same level or the level that you aspire to play.”

Tom NessCo-Founder, Truth Nutra®
(8-Figure Nutraceutical Company)

“Before I came here, I was skeptical, but I soon realized this is different. Because of the curation, there isn’t anybody here not at my level (if not higher). But what surprised me is everybody here has this tremendous sense of contribution…I can’t wait to implement what I’ve learned on Monday with my team.”

Ryan LevesqueBestselling Author: ASK
Founder, Bucket.IO®

“What Baby Bathwater offers that is unique and different is that deeper connection where it’s not all about the content or structure—It’s about connecting with people. It’s like a little family.”

Rachel PachivasCOO, Annmarie Skin Care®

“This event was like an All-Star Game—the best of the best on the same court, sharing the ball and creating a highlight film. Having been to hundreds of events over the years (many produced and promoted by my clients), I can honestly say this was the absolute best I’ve ever been to. I didn’t miss a session and was totally engaged. From the moment I stepped on-site, the conversations began, friendships were made, business deals flowed.”

Peter HoppenfeldStrategist, Advisor, and Attorney at Law

“This isn’t a conference—it’s a pop-up think tank. Dozens of niche experts and global change makers laid all their cards on the table and made it almost impossible not to make big plans.
If you’re serious about making money and changing the world, you can’t find a better group of people.”

Zach EdwardsObama Campaign’s Social Media Manager
CEO of data-driven consulting firm, Victory Medium®

“As entrepreneurs we want to spend our time doing things that we feel will give us our biggest return on our investment. And in life in general, you want to spend your time on things that you feel are going to enrich you. And this is such an enriching experience. What I love is that there’s such an openness, and a willingness to be vulnerable. I’ve cried a lot this weekend and it’s all been good, so thank you!”

Kelley HerringPublisher/CEO, Healing Gourmet®

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