Available Positions

Executive Assistant

We are looking to add another member to our team! We need an Executive Assistant with exceptional work ethic and social awareness. You’ll need to flow well with our culture, and you’ll need to have the right mind set.

We’re looking for the perfect fit. An all around “Hell Yes!”

If We Were to Describe the Perfect Candidate, This Is What We Would Say About Them (in no particular order)

  • Has in-depth brand awareness; takes the time to study and learn the brand, inside and out; represents brand at all times up to the standard that we’ve built
  • Lifelong learner, looking for a company they can gain skills from and grow within
  • In-depth knowledge of Google Drive, including functions and operations of Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, and other G-Suite services
  • Maintains a profoundly organized digital record and email inbox; recognizes the need for this level of organization within a company operating digitally
  • Keen ability to figure things out themselves. Graduate of Google University
  • Works efficiently, with reverence to both a high standard of output, and using time wisely
  • Team Player; someone who generally has an easy time getting along with others
  • Can do/ Will do / Will figure out how to do anything and everything asked of them
  • High proficiency in grammar, spelling, and the English language; reliable proofreader
  • Excellent email communication skills; polite and friendly tone, efficient and effective communication; timely responses; continual improvement of tone to up-level in general, and to match brand tone
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)
  • Excellent notetaker; always takes notes on anything being communicated to them that they are going to be expected to remember; notes are organized and consistent
  • Exceptional record keeping and document organizational ability
  • Attitude of service; helpful demeanor; always looking for something they can do to help
  • Ability to edit/string together simple videos/sequences of video clips
  • Ability to work effectively in sprints before, during, and sometimes after events
  • Full availability and eagerness to accomplish basic tasks, errands, and assistance-providing activities; an attitude that no task is beneath you, and every task is a pleasure to complete
  • Keen attention to detail, organization, and spatial awareness; maintains clean, clear, well organized spaces, documents, and ways of operating
  • Awareness of small tasks contributing to the big picture

Common EA Tasks (in no particular order)

  • General daily office administration assistance
  • Creation, documentation, and organization of meeting notes, payment links, third party invoices, and expenses of various sorts
  • Research, sample procurement, design management, and fulfillment oversight of event swag, physical goods, and clothing
  • Running errands of all sorts and sizes throughout Colorado using personal vehicle, expensing for mileage
  • Event preparation, execution, break down, and follow up
  • Management of various local properties; managing cleaners, guests, and various associated vendors and recurring services
  • Preparing, planning for, sourcing, building, and shipping packages of various sorts
  • Management of various software programs, related to both daily operations and execution of events
  • Maintaining inventory of assets, product, swag, and recurring purchases
  • Maintaining and working within spreadsheets on a daily basis
  • Coordinating requests, shipments, and delivery of products and goods for events
  • Building online photo albums, order photos prints, management of photographer deliverables


  • Must have own computer
  • Must live in Boulder Area (Colorado)
  • Must have own vehicle
  • Commute throughout Colorado, primarily Boulder/Denver
  • Travel, domestically & internationally
  • Must be 21+

How to Apply

  • Send an email to [email protected]
  • Make your subject line: “Executive Assistant Position – Your Full Name”
  • In this email, please explain a little bit about who you are, why you think you would be the right person for this position, and which attribute of the PERFECT candidate that we described above most applies to your skillset.
  • Attach your resume to the email.
  • Please no phone calls.