A Discussion With Mac Lackey

How building to exit can help your business NOW

September 1st, 2020

We’ve been regularly interviewing our members so they can get to know one another on a deeper level….

Mac Lackey, founder of ExitDNA (who has taken six companies from an idea on a bev nap to multiple eight figure exits), zoomed in to chat with the fellas about life and business.

He explained why exiting methodology should be woven into your business (even if you’re not planning on exiting), what you can do to make your company an attractive buy, and how he set strict boundaries in his businesses so he could earn the best damn dad of the year award (in our eyes at least).

Mac is the man when it comes to exiting, but this recording is valuable even if all you want is a little more freedom in your business…and who doesn’t want that?

We have found Mac’s brain and ExitDNA system so valuable we have scheduled a private BBW member’s only LIVE session with the group in a few weeks to share some gold nuggets, and discuss any questions that come up in real time!

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