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Member Since: 2018


Founder, ExitDNA

Mac started, scaled and sold six of his own companies before launching ExitDNA (to help founders optimize their company to have the OPTION to exit – and at maximum value). A few of Mac’s notable ventures: Mountain Khakis (sold to Remington), KYCK (sold to NBC Sports), iSoccer Network (sold to News Corp/SKY), ISL (sold to Prophet Capital + Partners). Additionally Mac served for six years on the board of publicly traded LendingTree and is an investor in over 50 startups.

Passionate about NOT accepting the tradeoffs while building a company, Mac pulled his two daughters out of school to travel the world in 2014, ultimately moving the family to Barcelona in 2015 (ostensibly to live a great life – truth be told it was season tickets to FC Barcelona that motivated him). Now living back in the US, Mac focuses on ExitDNA, mentoring founders and spending time with his family.