How to Get Psychedelic Therapy Without Anyone Going to Jail

Courtesy of Dave Rabin MD, PhD [Apollo Neuro] In this session from April 2024, Dr. Rabin covers how psychedelic medicines work, how psychedelic therapy helps accelerate learning, and strategies for finding safe places to receive care. Tune in For:  1. Stress, Trauma, and the Nervous System (0:08)  2. Understanding the Psychedelic State (16:04) 3. How […]

Why You Can’t Bio Hack Your Way to Resilience

Courtesy of Erik Korem (AIM7) In January of 2024, Erik Korem delved into the concepts of resilience, stress management, and human performance optimization. Erik uses the latest scientific research to talk through using stress as the gateway to growth, how our capacity trumps our capability, why attention is the currency of performance, and why he’s […]

Emotional Fortitude with Itamar Marani

Courtesy of Itamar Marani [Mindset Coaching] Click Here to Access the Video Itamar Marnai shares what he’s learned about emotional fortitude from his time working with the head of psychology of the Israeli Mossad and Israeli Special Forces…

Breathwork with Jeff Banman

Courtesy of Jeff Banman [Brute Force Training] Click Here to Access the Video Listen in as Jeff teaches breathwork techniques used by the US Military to support settling and regulating the central nervous system…

An Anesthesia Provider’s Guide to Safe Journeys

Courtesy of Eric Rieger (Atrantil) This covers: How certain psychedelic substances work, What diets are safer for timing an experiment, What to look out for, What substances to avoid, and What supplements can aid in post experimental recovery.

Three Tools To Master Your Nervous System & Unblock Flow

Courtesy of Rian Doris (Flow Research Collective) This covers: The neuroscience behind flow triggers and how to strategically use them to consistently unlock peak performance. How to setup your day, week, and life to maximize flow. Why you should think of peak performance as a skill you can train and improve at.